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Six Reasons Why We Love Maple

by Kate H. Knapp

I’ll let you on a little secret, I was a pancake purist in my youth—I thought hotcakes were too precious to be soaked in syrup, so I instead opted for just a bit of butter and a sprinkling of sugar. I would turn my nose up in dramatic disgust as my family drowned their fluffy flapjacks

What We’re Loving: Fondue

by Kate H. Knapp
fondue buffalo

When I was a kid and life became a little too serious—which can happen when there’s a divorce, a menagerie of rescued pets, and two strong-minded siblings—my mother would pull out the fondue pot in hopes of lightening the mood. She knew the somewhat silly and playful meal would make it impossible for us hold

What We’re Loving: Tea Time

by Kate H. Knapp
Black Honey Tea Cake

I was seven years old when my father gave me my first real (as in it wasn’t made of plastic, was refreshingly free of stickers, and was incredibly fragile) tea set. My dapper dad had lived in England when he was a child, and some of his fondest memories surrounded afternoon tea time (he somehow

What We’re Loving: Traditional Holiday Drinks

by Kate H. Knapp
What We’re Loving: Traditional Holiday Drinks

Whether it’s a warm glass of hot buttered rum after a day in the snow or a frosty mug of rich eggnog on Christmas morning, there’s nothing quite like a traditional holiday cocktail to celebrate the season. Thankfully, I grew up with a mother who is an expert eggnog maker and whips up a batch

What We’re Loving: Apples

by Kate H. Knapp
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There is a very good reason “the apple of my eye” is a term of endearment: apples are synonymous with love. And what’s not to love? Whether it’s in a pie, tart, sauce, or encased in caramel, this versatile fruit is the epitome of fall. So we feel fairly justified in full-force swooning over the

What We’re Loving: Too Hot To Cook Recipes

by Kathy Day
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It’s Labor Day weekend, the final hurrah of the summer, which means we’re all throwing parties and trying to squeeze just a little more fresh produce from the market into our last big bash. I have deemed this weekend our weekend of “Too Hot To Cook” and with that in mind have scoured the internet

What We’re Loving: Boozy Preserves

by Kathy Day
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We’ve all done it: eyed the jam in the corner and thought, “I wonder if a little vodka in there would make it better?” The answer my friends, is yes. I’ve spent the past couple weeks scouring the internet and have come to these conclusions: Fruit is delicious Fruit that is preserved to go into

What We’re Loving: Blueberries

by Kathy Day
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I spent my childhood in a large blueberry field (about fifty acres, there was a lot of open space and many deer, think Blueberries For Sal). In this giant blueberry field, I grew to appreciate the blueberry as the best possible berry.  Ranging in color from smoky blue to dark purple, they were perfect as

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