Handmade Gifts: Granola Nut Clusters

by Jennifer Menery
Handmade Gifts: Granola Nut Clusters

I love filling the house with the smell of homemade granola, it automatically puts me in a festive mood. I also love baking gifts, especially for my health conscious and vegan friends. Angela, of Oh She Glows, shares her delicious recipe for her Granola Nut Clusters. That’s right, these are granola covered nuts. And for those

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

by Jennifer Battista
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My cousin, Vanessa, was an amazing natural foods chef. She left this planet almost two years ago now, way too young. But she gave us such great memories and my sister, Jennifer, shares a recipe Vanessa found and treasured for the best cookies ever. Welcome, sis! -Maggie I know these late summer months are not

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