What We’re Loving: Summer Salads

by Amy Feiereisel
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It’s here! They’re here! Though we love the market year round, the winter and spring can be…sparse. Parsnips and potatoes rule, even as the world wakes up and a misty green creeps over winter-browned edges. July, on the other hand, screams abundance and freshness. Mountains of cucumbers and zucchini protect bursting bundles of leafy greens.

French 75

by Maggie Battista
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April showers have done exactly what they should: They have finally given us May flowers. We’ve had 6-7 days of straight sun and vast blue skies in the northeast, the bulb flowers have popped and we’re all feeling quite lucky. Now, don’t ask me if I’ve actually spent any of those sunshine-filled days in the

Tomato Basil Jam

by Jill Chen
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Sometimes I dream of having a house situated right next door to Jill Chen. I’d bring her jam or infused spirits, she’d give me some chicken eggs or perhaps a pound of shrimp. We’d laze away the afternoon cooking all sorts of stuff in her handmade outdoor earth oven or roll up fresh chicken spring

Summer Tomato Recipes

by Denise Woodward
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I don’t know about you, but my counter is overflowing with tomatoes from the garden. From plum to cherry to various heirloom varieties, there are just too many tomatoes. But I’m not complaining, especially now that Denise has shared these easy summer tomato recipes. I slow roast tomatoes all summer and even freeze them in

What We’re Loving: Tomatoes

by Lauren Keiper
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Sometimes I catch myself staring at the batches of tomatoes on display at the farmers market.  Just gazing, because they are so pretty, dreaming about what I will make.  And often, I just take them home, slice them and sprinkle on some salt and pepper and eat.  That’s how we used to do it at

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