What We’re Loving: Tea Time

by Kate H. Knapp
Black Honey Tea Cake

I was seven years old when my father gave me my first real (as in it wasn’t made of plastic, was refreshingly free of stickers, and was incredibly fragile) tea set. My dapper dad had lived in England when he was a child, and some of his fondest memories surrounded afternoon tea time (he somehow

Bow and Sparrow Bakery, San Francisco

by Lauren Keiper
Thumbnail image for Bow and Sparrow Bakery, San Francisco

Did you get to sample Bow & Sparrow Bakery’s shortbread truffle sandwiches at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market? I did. In fact, I definitely circled back for more…again…and then again one last time. These pretty sandwich cookies are handcrafted in San Francisco by Melissa Mecca. Get to know her and her other small batch loves,

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