Easy Bean Salad

by Molly Shuster
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You may call it fall but I call it officially “dried bean” season. I continue to transition: craving the last crop of fall greens, topping them with delicious local beans. Meet new contributor Molly Shuster, who introduces us to Charley Baer’s boutique bean business and a new recipe, too. Say hi to Molly in the

What We’re Loving: Summer Fruity Baked Treats

by Lauren Keiper
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So much fruit, so little time. Spending time grilling figs, wiping strawberry juice from the corner of my mouth, tossing blueberries into, well, everything makes me happy.  Ah, fresh summer fruit. We’re planning to highlight summer’s greatest asset in an upcoming series of posts on fruit crisps…until then, we’re loving these baked fruit desserts from

Family Style Salad

by Jill Chen
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We all love a one pot dinner, but usually think of a slow cooker in winter or hearty stew on the stove, right?  What about a one platter dinner for summer?  We think a family style salad would be just right.  The added bonus is Jill’s recipe makes it easy for me to clean out

An Illustrated Guide to Radishes

by Lucy Engelman
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This pretty how-to on radishes from Lucy Engelman, a new contributor to Eat Boutique, has me thinking so many things like, I desperately need to take a drawing class. I should spend more time in the garden. Recipes topped with a fried egg make me lick my lips. Lucy’s creative drawings, grocery list and recipe

Beet and Apple Salad

by Jill Chen
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This is a wonderful time of year. Farmer’s markets everywhere are brimming with the vivid colors of the early Fall harvest. This Beet & Apple Salad is not only delicious and so pretty, the crisp combo of earthy sweetness from the beets and tarty sweetness from the apples is a perfect way to bid farewell

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