Handmade Gifts: Vanilla Caramel Liqueur

by Kate H. Knapp
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I love Thanksgiving (A day all about food? What’s not to love?), but nothing excites me more than when I get to give homemade gifts to all those people I toasted to on Turkey Day. This year, however, time is moving at super-sonic speeds and I need a little help getting into the spirit of

What We’re Loving: Boozy Preserves

by Kathy Day
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We’ve all done it: eyed the jam in the corner and thought, “I wonder if a little vodka in there would make it better?” The answer my friends, is yes. I’ve spent the past couple weeks scouring the internet and have come to these conclusions: Fruit is delicious Fruit that is preserved to go into

Meyer Lemon Liquor

by Maggie Battista
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I started my cordial experiments years ago with the one and only Limoncello. The boozey lemon-infused liquor was renowned in my household growing up, a favorite alongside Amaretto and Baileys. My parents always ended a fine meal with a little something sweet and powerful, and when I started sipping Limoncello 10 years ago, I knew

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