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For the Candy Lover

by Amy Feiereisel
For the Candy Lover

I had this – shall we say unusual? – hobby as a child. Every Halloween I would run myself ragged traversing the neighborhood in search of the best candy, filling my pillowcase (and then my costume, and them my shoes) with the stuff. My younger brother and I would then return home, weary and triumphant,

Tropical Toffee and Cookbook Giveaway

by Erin Nichols
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Oh, Willy Wonka, you ruined me!  As a kid, I always wanted a house lined with lick-able wallpaper and a chocolate river in my backyard. While I continue tearing open candy bars in hopes of finding the Golden Ticket, I can make my own goodies now thanks to the ladies behind Liddabit Sweets. Erin took

Halloween Gift Box

by Maggie Battista
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I have an undeniable sweet tooth, so Halloween has always been my sort of holiday. Strolling door to door for homemade candy, gabbing with neighbors over hot cider, wearing my Wonder Woman costume every year from age five to ten, well… at least the Wonder Woman costume really happened. I’ve put all my dreams for

{giveaway} Spring Gift Box

by Maggie Battista
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{This giveaway has closed. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on April 7!} Spring is a tough time of year in New England. While the rest of the world is treated to warmer temperatures and sprouting flower buds — or so it feels to me — New England dances between melting ice

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