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Make Your Own Candles

by Maggie Battista
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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A lot. Besides cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, I actually gave in and moved my office into the kitchen. For one, the light is so damn nice, especially in the early morning. My kitchen windows face east and the sunrise slays me, making my morning espresso

Tomato with Yogurt

by Katie Eberts
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  I love this time of year: when the tomatoes are ripe and in abundance, I live on those rainbow beauties. I’m always looking for a beautiful way to showcase fresh tomatoes without too much fuss, and this summer short from Katie is exactly it. So go, raid your local farmer’s market for the freshest,

Peaches and Prosciutto

by Katie Eberts
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  Happy (almost) summer! It’s 90 degrees up in New England so it feels like summer to me. And perhaps it’s the steamy weather, but I couldn’t wait another moment to share our new series entitled “Summer Shorts.” Katie Eberts and I were connected through a mutual friend and upon our first email, the scheming

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