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Roast Breadcrumb Potatoes

by Jill Chen
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Occasionally I’m completely into the idea of making a complicated, technically-difficult, watch-it-or-its-ruined dish for company. But most of the time I want to enjoy myself. These breadcrumb potatoes are the perfect dish for entertaining, because they’re quick, the work is all in the prep, and they’re still a crowd-pleaser.  Also, they’re potatoes crusted with breadcrumbs.

Rustic Apple Custard Pies

by Jill Chen
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I make no secret that I’m a true fan of canning. But there are some other things in jars that I also love, like desserts. Jill took this book we love, got inspired, and served up very pretty apple custard pies. You can too by entering the giveaway below. Skip dinner and invite friends over

Bacon Cheddar Cornbread

by Jill Chen
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Every time I look at this beautiful cornbread recipe, I get excited for Thanksgiving. That holiday is all about the side dishes for me and this is one side dish that will be at my dinner table. What’s your favorite cornbread recipe? -Maggie For our Canadian thanksgiving at the cottage this year, I opted to

Lion’s Head Meatballs

by Jill Chen
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I’m back from Paris and all I want is comfort food. This bowl of Chinese amazement will be perfect this week. Denise shared her Asian-style Meatballs and Spaghetti recipe a few weeks back, and thanks to Jill for sharing a special and easy version of her Lion’s Head Meatballs today. Is it lunch time yet?

Chicken Spring Rolls {a movie}

by Jill Chen
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Superbowl Sunday is imminent and if your menu needs a little something crunchy and fun, these Chicken Spring Rolls from Jill will hit the spot. She even created a quick dipping sauce and a wonderful how to motion photograph to take you through each step. Thank you, Jill and Jill’s hubby, for showing us the

Beef Short Ribs from Julie Powell’s Cleaving

by Luke Poling
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Haven’t read Julie Powell’s Cleaving just yet? No worries; Luke shares his review below, while also highlighting “A Nice, Simple Way to Make Short Ribs.” This recipe is very close to my own and Jill photographed it beautifully. Pop this pot in the oven and then go about your afternoon. When you return, all you

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

by Jill Chen
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I quickly emailed my recipe for homemade gnocchi to Jill last week, certain she could master a version made with sweet potatoes. I knew I had given the task to the right woman because after two attempts, she’s made a version of sweet potato gnocchi that looks absolutely perfect. Thanks, Jill! -Maggie This is utterly

Authentic Chinese Dumplings

by Jill Chen
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Every time I see Jill Chen’s photos from China, and specifically her dumpling photos, I get a hunger pang deep in my belly. After a little coercion, Jill agreed to share her adventure and her favorite dumpling recipe, made by her very own Mom. I can’t wait to replicate these at home. -Maggie The whole

Summer Pavlova

by Maggie Battista
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Sometimes, Jill Chen is totally in my head. While she makes dandelion wine, I think about making rhubarb wine. When I make a honey and saffron cordial, Jill would gladly side up to the bar for a sniff or a taste or two. Sometimes on the very same night, we’ll both dream about making ice

Honey & Saffron Liquor

by Maggie Battista
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I’m no stranger to a good homemade cordial. J’adore the mix of instant and delayed gratification from the infusing process. Liquors generally need to stew for weeks or even months to fully form and then morph into all sorts of directions over time, but most recipes take mere minutes to come together. And I am

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