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No Recipe for Dulce de Leche Candy, Yet

by Maggie Battista
No Recipe for Dulce de Leche Candy, Yet

I watched her move in the kitchen, with a frenetic pace that I’m sure, if bottled, could power the universe. “This candy is so fussy,” she said. “One minute, it’s cooking and the next moment, it’s just a mess.” She means overdue, past done, a big seized-up situation not worthy of the name dulce de

Food Gift Love: Spiced Pear Vodka

by Kate H. Knapp
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Food gifts do not stop after the holidays. This vodka is something you could give me anytime of year: to celebrate the first snow fall, to celebrate when the Polar Vortex finally disappears for good, or to just celebrate our (virtual) friendship – that’s a good reason! -Maggie I’ve never been a fan of syrupy-sweet-flavored

Handmade Gifts: Blood Orange Caramels

by Jennifer Menery
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I’ve got to tell you, my first encounter with blood orange juice was during college, with it mixed in a pitcher of vodka. Heck, if a juice could make an $8.00 bottle of vodka taste good, then I’m guessing the blood orange juice tastes fantastic in these Blood Orange Caramels with Toasted Almonds and Sea

Food Gift: Basilcello

by Maggie Battista
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I remember my initial sip of homemade Limoncello. It was my very first small batch infusion, and after 40 days of marinating, the cordial’s big reveal was at a backyard picnic with all my European friends. I suppose I’m the risky type. I felt that my version tasted better than the store-bought kind and used

Market Preview: Food Gift Workshop

by Maggie Battista
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I’ve come to terms with the fact that I am officially waist-deep in the holiday season over at Eat Boutique. Like, maybe NECK DEEP. Like, sprinkle-covered everything, ribbons and sealing sticks, tons of striped straws, daily arrivals of linens and flavored sugars and so much pretty ceramic. It sort of feels like my own private

Little Tipples: Sloe Gin

by Sean St. John
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Today, we’d like to introduce Eat Boutique readers to Sean St. John, an amazing UK-based food writer that’s teamed up with Eat Boutique veteran illustrator Katt Frank to bring us a series of Little Tipples. These fruit laced cocktail esque concoctions are perfect for the holidays; you may not be hearing bells or dreaming of

Pear Liqueur

by Denise Woodward & Laudalino Ferreira
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Yesterday was National Food Day, and we had a lovely time participating in the Boston Food Swappers‘ community-sourced potluck in Boston. I was one of the judges, and everything was just delicious. I hope the winner enjoyed our Eat Boutique gift box! Still, I couldn’t get my mind off of this Pear Liqueur made all

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