Bakeless Sweets Gift Box

by Jennifer Menery
Bakeless Sweets Gift Box

We all deserve something sweet, but on those occasions when you just don’t have the time or energy to whip up a batch of homemade cookies, there’s Bakeless Sweets. One-hundred-and-twenty-five scrumptious treats are featured in this new cookbook from Faith Durand, food writer and executive editor at The Kitchen. No-bake brownie anyone? But that’s not

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

by Michelle Martin
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I love this pineapple upside down cake from Michelle, it’s gorgeous and only makes a couple so you’ll never risk overeating it. As a kid, I used to have pineapple upside down cake in the fall all the time. My family’s cake had canned pineapple as fresh wasn’t so common in our grocery store, but just

Peach Kuchen

by Molly Shuster
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Peaches almost always make me think of childhood. Late nights of my mom reading James and the Giant Peach to me could have something to do with that, but this kuchen has that same feel. It’s equal bits rustic and simple and decadent. Peaches are remarkable on their own right now, but coddling them in

Pie Box

by Kathy Day
Pie Box

We’ve all been there: On the way to a Pi-Day (March 14, for you non-nerds) party with three pies all made with delicious, slightly leaky fillings (Guinness chocolate pudding pie with whiskey whipped cream, anyone?). Transporting these wonderful pies in a friend’s car on the way to that Pi-Day party was a messy affair. His

Chocolate and Cheese Panini

by Jill Chen
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Love means never having to apologize for needing a bit of chocolate every single afternoon. Dark or milk chocolate will do, and it’s even better paired with cheese or fruit or both. Jill satisfies my craving with this perfect pairing of a mild soft cheese with chocolate and strawberries. I know it would impress at

Rustic Apple Custard Pies

by Jill Chen
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I make no secret that I’m a true fan of canning. But there are some other things in jars that I also love, like desserts. Jill took this book we love, got inspired, and served up very pretty apple custard pies. You can too by entering the giveaway below. Skip dinner and invite friends over

Blueberry and Nectarine Crisp

by Shelby Larsson
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Shelby has an amazing talent for combining fruit, a bit of sugar, flour and spices into a dish I want to eat for breakfast, lunch or dessert. Remember this Blueberry Bread Pudding? This Crisp is no different and uses my favorite fruit – ripe nectarines. Blueberries aren’t bad either. And when you add oats, oh,

Panna Cotta with Treat Spiced Pecans

by Denise Woodward
Thumbnail image for Panna Cotta with Treat Spiced Pecans

We adore Treat Spiced Pecans, nuts roasted to perfection in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a candied shell that is just irresistible.  We love them so much, we are selling them by the bag in our store.  In fact, we are selling a whole bunch of some of our favorite small batch products individually now.  We love

Mixed Berry Crostata

by Meagan Micozzi
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I became acquainted with crostatas several years ago and now I churn them out regularly like nobody’s business. Crostatas are basically a low-rent version of a pie or tart:   they are messy to eat, not particularly easy on the eyes, but they are absolutely delicious and simple to prepare. In fact, they are so

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