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Beef and Guinness Pie

by Denise Woodward
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This recipe warms our hearts and our bellies. It is the perfect little pot of dinner. Pour some red and follow Denise’s instructions – both for cooking and for dining fireside. I plan to. And, I’d love to hear what else you are making that will warm you up this winter. -Maggie I have been

Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

by Denise Woodward
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is the one that I have the hardest time making. I have a pretty painless routine during the week, and I still never seem to manage to get a proper breakfast made.   I have a feeling coffee at my desk does not count.

Perfect Plum Crisp

by Denise Woodward
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Oh boy, I sympathize with Denise and Lenny! Summer is evaporating by the second and there are plenty of baked goods to still make. Thank goodness, sweet and tart plums linger into September. I’m going to enjoy this truly perfect plum crisp with a big dollop of fresh whip cream this weekend. – Maggie Summer

French Onion Soup

by Denise Woodward
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Paris is getting warmer by the day. You can see and smell the city transform into spring and, quite frankly, it’s exciting; everyone is in the best mood. But as I walked the brocantes around the city yesterday, it was still chilly so we stopped here and there to warm up with wine and food.

Asian-Inspired Meatballs and Spaghetti

by Denise Woodward
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When the weather changes from winter to spring, I tend to want lighter dishes. But it could be cold and grey or warm and sunny, and I’ll always want meatballs. They’re well-suited to a fancy cocktail get-together or a regular weeknight dinner. In fact, I’ve landed in Paris just today and I still want MEATBALLS!

Pear Liqueur

by Denise Woodward
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Yesterday was National Food Day, and we had a lovely time participating in the Boston Food Swappers‘ community-sourced potluck in Boston. I was one of the judges, and everything was just delicious. I hope the winner enjoyed our Eat Boutique gift box! Still, I couldn’t get my mind off of this Pear Liqueur made all

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