Apotheker’s Kitchen: Bee-Sweetened Hot Cocoa & The Secret Life of Chocolatiers

by Kate H. Knapp
Homemade Cocoa Mix - Eat Boutique

Just one taste of their honey-sweetened confections, and you know instantly that Russ and Shari Apotheker of Apotheker’s Kitchen were destined to create all-natural and delicious chocolates (and marshmallows, for that matter). Their handcrafted treats are made with only the very best ingredients, like their chocolate, which is organically and biodynamically grown and sourced from a small,

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

by Jennifer Battista
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My cousin, Vanessa, was an amazing natural foods chef. She left this planet almost two years ago now, way too young. But she gave us such great memories and my sister, Jennifer, shares a recipe Vanessa found and treasured for the best cookies ever. Welcome, sis! -Maggie I know these late summer months are not

Chocolate and Cheese Panini

by Jill Chen
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Love means never having to apologize for needing a bit of chocolate every single afternoon. Dark or milk chocolate will do, and it’s even better paired with cheese or fruit or both. Jill satisfies my craving with this perfect pairing of a mild soft cheese with chocolate and strawberries. I know it would impress at

Eat Boutique Mother’s Day Gift Box

by Maggie Battista
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I’m supposed to be writing this blog post on our new Mother’s Day gift box, but I’m having trouble focusing.  I want to write, but I can’t quite stop digging my spoon into my open jar of Rare Bird Meyer lemon curd.  Seriously, Maggie. Put the spoon down.  Don’t. Use. Fingers. There’s tasting, which I

Angelina, Paris and a Paris Gift Box

by Maggie Battista
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In about 10 days, I’ll jet off to Paris for some much needed… pastries! Okay, I’m going for work but pastries will definitely be consumed. Before each visit, I jot down a list of must-eat spots and, in parallel, reflect on the ancient establishments that make the city so perfect. On my very first visit

Valentine’s Day Food Gifts

by Maggie Battista
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Relationships are difficult. And they get only more complicated around the month of February, mais oui? My February holds two trips: a week in New York City and the start of a three-week trip to Paris. I also have a big birthday that, due to travel plans, will be spent away from my husband. Yes…

Homemade English Toffee

by AJ Simone
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I delight in AJ’s lovely blog Handjobs for the Home, and we’ve been chit-chatting about working together for a while. Lucky for us, AJ has a family toffee recipe that should be on your cookie swap rotation. Please give a warm welcome to AJ! -Maggie The cold weather is rushing into New York like a

Rosie’s Award-Winning Brownies {a giveaway}

by Shelby Larsson
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Shelby’s assignment was tough: Make a glorious recipe from Judy Rosenberg’s new cookbook and share it with us. It’s a tough job but she did it well. And we’re offering a giveaway of this very book down below, so read further for details. Thanks! -Maggie When you think of holiday baking, your mind likely veers

Our Favorite Birthday Cakes: Ice Cream Cake

by Maggie Battista
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I grew up with a mom who grew up on a farm near the Honduran coast. In her home, everything was homemade or often, farm-made. She drank her milk fresh each morning, pulled warm from the cows out back. The bubbling black beans on the back of the stove were dried nearby. The cheese was

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