Jam and Cheese Crepes

by Maggie Battista
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Last week, I shared my picks for a perfect cheese platter, and a recipe for an appetizer of Camembert and Calvados (like, my favorite use of Camembert, ever). Using the leftovers from a partially-eaten cheese plate (a side effect of a massive cheese board that can be a blessing), I smashed some jam and cheese together

Building a Cheese Plate & Camembert and Calvados

by Maggie Battista
Camembert and Calvados: Building a Cheese Plate

From October to January, my life is packed with food gifts: The sort I make from scratch, and the sort of small batch treats I source for Eat Boutique. I personally pack thousands of gift boxes filled with boutique-style food during these three months and I love every moment. All these packages most definitely take

Soft Pretzels with Fondue

by Shelby Larsson
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This time of year, sometimes you just have to cut all the sweet with a salty snack.  Despite loving a nibble of candy cane ice cream and Christmas cookies and holiday booze, the idea of a soft pretzel and homemade cheese dip is pretty appealing right about now. What other salty goodness are you craving?

Fried Plantains in Coconut Oil

by Maggie Battista
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While it seemed unusual to me at the time, I grew up in a fairly typical immigrant home where two families lived in one house, only separated by a staircase. Downstairs in our part of the house, my Honduran mom tried very hard to be a typical American housewife, brushing aside some of her Latin

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