Tropical Toffee and Cookbook Giveaway

by Erin Nichols
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Oh, Willy Wonka, you ruined me!  As a kid, I always wanted a house lined with lick-able wallpaper and a chocolate river in my backyard. While I continue tearing open candy bars in hopes of finding the Golden Ticket, I can make my own goodies now thanks to the ladies behind Liddabit Sweets. Erin took

Homemade English Toffee

by AJ Simone
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I delight in AJ’s lovely blog Handjobs for the Home, and we’ve been chit-chatting about working together for a while. Lucky for us, AJ has a family toffee recipe that should be on your cookie swap rotation. Please give a warm welcome to AJ! -Maggie The cold weather is rushing into New York like a

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