What We Love: Cooking With Beer

by Kate H. Knapp
What We Love: Beer-Inspired Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

When I was growing up, St. Patrick’s Day typically meant two things: corned beef and pinches. The latter involved the tradition (at least where I grew up) of getting pinched if you weren’t wearing green on the holiday. My brother took full advantage of this and it became a game of who could outsmart the

Market Preview: Private Tasting Sessions and Workshops

by Maggie Battista
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We’ve been sharing sneak peeks of our Makers; now it’s time to talk about some of the amazing mini-events going on during the Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market on December 7, 2013. I’ve been working with a lovely lady, Meg, to plan all sorts of Market festivities. Here’s a rundown of the classes and workshops

Soft Pretzels with Fondue

by Shelby Larsson
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This time of year, sometimes you just have to cut all the sweet with a salty snack.  Despite loving a nibble of candy cane ice cream and Christmas cookies and holiday booze, the idea of a soft pretzel and homemade cheese dip is pretty appealing right about now. What other salty goodness are you craving?

Beef and Guinness Pie

by Denise Woodward
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This recipe warms our hearts and our bellies. It is the perfect little pot of dinner. Pour some red and follow Denise’s instructions – both for cooking and for dining fireside. I plan to. And, I’d love to hear what else you are making that will warm you up this winter. -Maggie I have been

Vermont’s Pane e Salute, La Garagista & Longtrail Brewery

by Maggie Battista
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Good luck to the soul who stands between a California Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel and me. Seriously, get out of my way. I like wine and, especially, red wine. When I’m in northern California, I can drink a fancy red bottle or take my jug to the local vineyard to fill up on solid house

Summer Craft Beers

by Shelby Larsson
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When I invited frequent and fabulous contributor Shelby over for a beer, she said “Since when do you drink beer?” Oh my, I love beer! But only the light and sparkling kind absent of anything too full of hops. Thank goodness I have Shelby in my life, for so many reasons that are way too

Ebenezer’s Pub, Maine

by Shelby Larsson
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Over the river and through the woods, you might just find the country’s best beer bar. Tucked away in the outskirts of tiny Lovell, Maine, Ebenezer’s Pub is a cozy, unassuming spot that features some of Belgium’s finest brews. ‘Bezer’s, as my dad calls it, is located (relatively) close to the town in Maine where

Pretty Things Beer and Ale

by Shelby Larsson
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“Eat local!” “Eat your view.” “Consume grass-fed, free-range, small batch, homemade foods.” These are the battle cries that we have heard in recent years, and many of us have responded by buying produce at farmer’s markets and paying more attention to how or where our food is produced.   Eating locally is equally great for

Charlie’s Beer Garden

by Maggie Battista

Today, I visited the new beer garden that opened at Charlie’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts over the July 4th holiday. I expected to solely have new, fun times loaded with New England ales, but a few hours there brought me back to my crazy, single days living in downtown New York City. While friends indulged in

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