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Melissa Massello is a journalist and startup junkie turned professional blogger, chasing that “Champagne life on a DIY budget” over at Shoestring since 2007, and more recently for, chronicling the maker movement. She loves food & scratch cooking -- even more so after being diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2012 -- will challenge anyone to a boardwalk round of Skee-ball, and is currently on the adventure of her lifetime in Austin, TX with her husband and rescue whippet, Pixie.

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Oyster Shell Salt Cellars

by Melissa Massello
Oyster Shell Salt Cellars

I’m in gift-giving mode at every moment of the year — not just during the winter holidays — and these DIY oyster shell salt cellars are the perfect hostess gift (we stock gorgeous Jacobsen Salt Co. shells in the Shop – great minds think alike!). Just tuck a pair into a box, add sea salt

Homemade Sunscreen

by Melissa Massello
Homemade Coconut Oil and Raspberry Sunscreen

I’ve been flipping my beauty products to organic or homemade versions bit by bit. Melissa has now made it possible for me to replace my sunscreen with a rich coconut oil and raspberry oil variety. It sounds delicious but don’t eat it, okay?! Merci, Melissa. -Maggie Oh man, I love entertaining outdoors: the white lights,

Natural Puppy Training with Homemade Clove Oil

by Melissa Massello
Thumbnail image for Natural Puppy Training with Homemade Clove Oil

Do you have a puppy dog? I do. She’s an old lady now and I love every single moment with her. But I bet if I had found Homemade Clove Oil years ago, she might not now be known as the “other” vacuum cleaner. Melissa shares her natural puppy training solution, made from items in

Lemon Rosemary Cleaning Spray

by Melissa Massello
Thumbnail image for Lemon Rosemary Cleaning Spray

Hmmm… that’s not a recipe, now is it? Well, not a food recipe. But eating boutique certainly lends itself to living boutique, and we are all simple, natural, DIY projects to make your life a little sunnier. We are also thrilled to bits to introduce Melissa Massello, a DIY guru (from my own hometown of

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