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Matthew Petrelis, writer, photographer, living just outside of Boston where during the day he is a cardiac sonographer. A New England native, he enjoys traveling in search of food finds, antiques, forgotten buildings and inspiration with his husband and their pug. Matthew often writes about his adventures - culinary and otherwise - on his website The Things I Think About. You can also find him on Twitter (@petrelis) and just about any other social media platform.

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Toasted Coconut Coffee Muffins

by Matthew Petrelis
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These muffins check all the homey boxes. Warm, nutty, and infused with the deep flavor of coffee, they’re a great baked good for a blustery day. Smell up the house with toasted coconut, get the kitchen all cozy and warm, and say adieu to winter! -Amy I’ve never actually used coffee as an ingredient before,

Ginger Cornmeal Biscotti

by Matthew Petrelis
Ginger Cornmeal Biscotti

I am baking almost daily right now and Matthew’s charming take on very special biscotti will definitely find a slot in my roster, somewhere between the strong espresso and glass of Vin d’Orange. And always with close friends. Thanks, Matthew! -Maggie Growing up in a large Italian family, there was never a lack of desserts

Sloe Gin Grapefruit Fizz

by Matthew Petrelis
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Hey, it’s 5 o’clock wherever you are. Have a drink with us. Better yet, make this gorgeous original citrus drink for the both of us, two please! -Maggie One of my closest friends, Shari, used to tend bar at a local music venue, and I would go there one or two nights a week to

Extra-Dirty Martini

by Matthew Petrelis

My love affair with martinis began the first time Sean Connery ordered oneĀ as the incredibly dashing James Bond. I was smitten with the cocktail (and with him). But by the time I reached the legal drinking age, I found the traditional martini just a tad too potent in boozy flavor. Enter my other love: olives.


by Matthew Petrelis
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I have heard great things about EHChocolatier for quite some time now, but had yet to experience their products first hand. It took me a while, but now I understand why everyone who enjoys quality chocolate is so excited by this maker. The assortment of bonbons and confections available from this Somerville, MA operation are

Union Square Donuts

by Matthew Petrelis
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It’s nice to see a dessert that’s become almost synonymous with factory-line production returned to its former state of glory – perhaps even improved upon? Today, Matthew takes us on a visit to Union Square Donuts, home of the Fluffa Nutta. Yes, that’s a donut. -Amy Are donut parties something that people do? They should.

Strawberry and Leek Quesadillas

by Matthew Petrelis
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Before you gasp at the thought of strawberries and leeks nestled between a tortilla, let Matthew explain. Really, it makes complete sense. And when you add some melty cheese, well, then it just becomes pure fact. Quesadillas have just improved dramatically! -Maggie I sometimes forget how a few simple ingredients can come together to make

Homemade with Love

by Matthew Petrelis
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I am an unofficial member of the Jennifer Perillo fan club. And if there’s no official club just yet, let’s make it so. She’s a doll and her story, shared on her blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen, and in her new cookbook is bittersweet, sincere and delicious. I asked Matthew to provide his objective take on

Homemade Mustard

by Matthew Petrelis
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Memorial Day weekend typically involves the grill, fresh and creamy salads, big servings of spring fruits and cocktails in the yard. Sometimes I don’t want to mess with the old standbys like a good burger or smoky grilled sausages, but the add-ins are fair game. Matthew shares a homemade mustard that will elevate my dinner

Simple Spaghetti Squash

by Matthew Petrelis
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Between Chicago and Boston, I’ve been under lots of snow this week. (Wintry – and foodie – photos in my Instagram feed.) And though spaghetti squash is a cold weather vegetable, the bright yellow is perking me up already. Thank you, Matthew, for sharing how easy this curious vegetable can be. Especially with butter and

Cast Iron Skillet Herbed Cornbread

by Matthew Petrelis
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I love comforting dishes that warm your home and your belly. This cornbread is exactly what comes to mind. Sure, a seasoned cast iron skillet will dress up any stovetop, but fill it with cornbread and you’ve got me – I’m yours. Melt some butter on a nice big slice and, all of a sudden,

Chestnut Stuffed Mushrooms

by Matthew Petrelis
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With the US elections now over, we can finally focus on far more entertaining topics, like holiday party food. Right? These Stuffed Mushrooms are a vegetarian’s dream filled with one of the best ingredients of the Fall: chestnuts. Time to celebrate! -Maggie Over the past few weeks the air in New England has been changing.

Veggie Tacos

by Matthew Petrelis
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My garden is now a distant memory; we picked the last of the green tomatoes a week back. If you happen to live in luckier weather, then hurry up and make these Veggie Tacos immediately. The base ingredient is… wait for it… fried green tomatoes. Sign us up, and welcome new contributor Matthew in the

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