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Mary Swenson lives in a coastal town north of Boston in a very old house with her husband and antique cat where she enjoys cooking for and entertaining anyone and everyone. She is a freelance writer and photographer, an endless re-decorator, and runs a tiny handmade business. with her husband. She can be found Instagramming. and Pinning. between (and, let’s be honest, during) meetings for her “real job”, and will update her long-abandoned blog .when the mood strikes. One day. Maybe.

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Roasted Butternut and Sage Sauce Lasagne

by Mary Swenson
Roasted Butternut and Sage Sauce Lasagna

Oh my gosh, if it gets any colder out there, I’m going to just… dig into this lasagne, the entire casserole dish, in front of a fire. And then I’ll make another to gift to you because squash and cheese are magic, definitely. Thank you, Mary, for gifting us with our new go-to lasagne recipe.

Glittered Peach Nectar Mimosas

by Mary Swenson
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This summer has been filled with an embarrassment of (delicious) riches. From the Plum-Frangipane Crostatas to the Streusel Topped Blueberry Pie, the Smitten Kitchen Ice Cream Cake to these Boozy Aperol Limemade Popcicles, and then this Champagne and Peach Sorbet Float. And to be clear, we’re not going out without a bang, or a little

Goat Cheese Cake with Boozy Berries

by Mary Swenson
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Now that summer is here, all warm and aromatic and fruity, I’m taking my time. I spent a weekend in Vermont with the family, just long enough to grill up everything, make some fresh pie and drink and laugh until the big supermoon blended into a bright sunrise. It was one of those weekend’s just

Rosemary Infused Honey

by Mary Swenson
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I love France for many reasons, and one of them is the flavored olive oils, vinegars, and honeys. They seem to make each and every dish just a little more special, a little more thought about. A splash of tarragon vinegar, a drizzle of basil oil, or the very best, a little pool of flavored

Rustic Fennel Apricot Bread

by Mary Swenson
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Old Italian uncles, a much-loved and much-tested bread, and some killer apricots? Count me in! – Amy I have this really, really cute great-uncle. His name is Evo, and he’s 100% Italian – which, waaaay back when, apparently wasn’t a “favorable” trait when it came to courting my aunt. But since he’s really, really cute,

Meyer Lemon Mini Cannoli Cups

by Mary Swenson
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We may be a Boston-based operation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate (read: adore) the West Coast. Mary just gave us yet another reason to dream of a warmer, more citrus-y state (of mind)… -Amy I’m a New England girl. Born and raised, and committed to living here in sort of a heels-dug-in way

Flourless Molten Chocolate Cake Cups

by Mary Swenson
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When Mary popped up in front of me at the Eat Boutique Holiday Market last December, she was full of smiles, with a look that just cultivated joy. In fact, she felt just as she had in her early emails to me, all kinds of excitement and ideas for the Eat Boutique blog. Here is

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