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Josephine Rozman is an Australian photographer who currently splits her time between Hong Kong and Sydney working on a variety of commercial and personal projects. Josephine is always on the pursuit of discovering new tastes and beautifully presented meals. Her frequent travel has enabled her to find joy in the simple pleasures of photographing food and capturing the culinary flavours of different regions.

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Interview: Two Hands Cafe in New York City

by Josephine Rozman
Interview: Two Hands Cafe in New York City

There’s been some buzz about a little Australian cafe in New York City, sandwiched right between Little Italy and Chinatown – talk about international! The talk stems from excellent coffee, munch-able snacks, a gorgeous location, and the love and dedication of the two Sydney-born owners, Giles Russell and Henry Roberts. Luckily Josephine, a recent NYC

Grilled Peach and Pistachio Dukkah Tartine

by Josephine Rozman
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Yesterday, Josephine shared four Picnic Tartines for this weekend’s picnic or a back-to-school lunch. Today, we’re sharing a fancier recipe using juicy grilled peaches, an easy Middle Eastern yogurt dip, and homemade Pistachio Dukkah. This tartine needs a grill, a bottle of wine, and good company. Get to it, quick, before summer ends! – Amy

Picnic Tartines

by Josephine Rozman
Four Summer Picnic Tartines Recipes

We love tartines. Even more so, we love tartines made with homemade bread and gorgeous ingredients. Josephine’s petite sandwiches have us ready to whip out the picnic-ware and hit the road. These are perfect for sophisticated alfresco dining or an exceptional lunch, and could easily be a star appetizer. The bread was made by and

The Middle Eastern Feast

by Josephine Rozman
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Josephine mentioned wanting to make a feast of dishes and, quite honestly, I’m drooling all over this Middle Eastern meal – homemade pita, hummus, and even a spice mix. The sun is shining around here and I’m thinking that a Middle Eastern feast for family and friends would be just the right way to convince

Recipes Inspired by Phuket, Thailand

by Josephine Rozman
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Josephine makes me miss the world, miss travel, miss Paris. I’ve never been to Thailand, but I can imagine that after a tour and cooking session with Josphine, I would miss it too. -Maggie A little over a year ago, my husband, Luke and I eloped in Thailand. Our decision to privately tie the knot

Beetroot-Stained Salmon Carpaccio

by Josephine Rozman
Thumbnail image for Beetroot-Stained Salmon Carpaccio

For years, carpaccio has remained my preference for appetizers when dining out. Whether its beef or salmon, I am a sucker for the semi-raw flesh that is so tender that it breaks away on your tongue. I wanted to do something a little more daring with my recipe for a non-traditional carpaccio, one that uses

Jacques Genin, Paris

by Josephine Rozman
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Paris reminds me of croissants, afternoon tea and, always, without fail, Jacques Genin. I was delighted to hear Josephine got a private tour with the confectionary master. Here is her intimate account of her afternoon with Jacques Genin in Paris. Indeed, I was very jealous! – Maggie When I discussed my impending trip to Paris


by Josephine Rozman
Thumbnail image for Affogato

I know that I’m lucky to be able to collaborate with so many writers and photographers on  Eat Boutique  – it’s probably the most fun part of this great big adventure in food. And there’s a magical moment when you know the contributor fits the site. For Aussie Josephine Rozman, a photographer that pretty much

Fresh Fish and Chips

by Josephine Rozman
Thumbnail image for Fresh Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are traditionally beer-battered or deep-fried, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I wondered: How about fish and chips made on a barbecue? Josephine, an Australian who knows a thing or two about grilling, took her assignment to heart, involving her husband and her sweet dog. The results are mouth-watering. I’m stacking

A Food Day in Barcelona

by Josephine Rozman
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I’ve been lucky enough to eat at Noma in Copenhagen this year, indulge in Paris during the spring and most recently enjoy bites to eat around Seattle (I promise to tell you more soon!). Thanks to Josephine, now we all get a little nibble of Barcelona, too. We’d love to hear about your own food

Walnut Tacos with Avocado Cream

by Josephine Rozman
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Taco night is a standard in pretty much every American household (I like mine with a fresh margarita, salt please).   And even though most of us have ventured past the garden variety beef and cheese version to say tequila-marinated fish tacos or black bean vegetarian option, Josephine totally re-invents the at-home taco bar with

Heirloom Eatery

by Josephine Rozman
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Isn’t it great when you stumble upon a restaurant that is intimate and tasty and you just want to keep it to yourself — an unspoiled treasure?   But at the same time, it’s so good you can’t help but send everyone you know that way.   We’re glad Josephine chose to spill the beans…

Hong Kong’s Wet Markets

by Josephine Rozman
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As I spend time in Europe this month, I am permanently amazed at the beauty of the fresh produce markets here; each new one surprises me with color and ingredients I can’t find anywhere else. While I enjoy Paris, Josephine shares a short essay on the traditional Wet Markets of Hong Kong (where she lives),

Eating Like a Local in Sydney

by Josephine Rozman
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It’s bitterly cold in New England, but not so much in Australia. Photographer Josephine Rozman sent along some beautiful photos that I quite sadly neglected to share last week. Let’s lose ourselves in eating like a local during the Australian holiday season and this absolutely scrumptious Lamb Roast. Thanks, Josephine! – Maggie I recently took

Phuket: Food Photos

by Josephine Rozman
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A few weeks back, Josephine emailed me from half way around the world to say she liked Eat Boutique. I thanked her, of course, and we started an email correspondence about her lovely food photographs. This newlywed is from Sydney but lives in Hong Kong and offered to share photos from her travels. As it’s

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