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Heidi Murphy, wedding + lifestyle photographer, and aspiring foodie.Though her heart belongs to Martha’s Vineyard, she lives north of Boston with her husband and their three dogs in a charming seaside town.She has an affinity for simple flavors + simple pleasures, farmer’s markets, organic everything, s’mores, corn from the grill, and of course – champagne.Heidi’s work, on film, has been featured stateside and abroad; and her musings + imagery can be found on her blog - White Loft Style.

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Peach Buttermilk Ice Cream

by Heidi Murphy
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A few weeks ago we got a peek into the food styling of The Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook, and a tantalizing glimpse at some of the luscious buttermilk produced on the farm. The next step, naturally, was to try one of the recipes. I’d say Heidi’s ice cream is a smashing success, so join me

Jasmine Strawberry Iced Tea

by Heidi Murphy
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Happy Monday and Happy Iced Tea Day! Ever since Heidi described this fruity and floral cold tea drink, I hoped for the day when I could share her recipe. Well, move over Maggie; here’s Heidi to share her go-to process for a very special version of Jasmine Strawberry Iced Tea. Pardon me while I go

Citrus Panna Cotta

by Heidi Murphy
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Jam jars to serve lemonade and iced tea are a summer classic.  Now French yogurt jars to dole out homemade panna cotta?  Yes, please.  Thanks to Heidi for bringing together seasonal citrus, one of our favorite recipes and some pretty glassware from our recent trip to Paris to re-invent this classic Italian custard.  We’d love

Concord Grape Jelly and Juice

by Heidi Murphy
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Heidi contacted me a few months ago. We met up for lunch, with cocktails of course, and the rest is history. She now photographs our gift boxes and, as a wedding photographer, knows how to capture such perfect moments in food too. I’m so happy to know her, and to have her share her family

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