Erin Nichols

Erin Nichols is a New England girl recently transplanted in San Francisco.

Her forthcoming book Poptails: 50 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick will be released in June 2012.

She blogs at the beautiful

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Tropical Toffee and Cookbook Giveaway

by Erin Nichols
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Oh, Willy Wonka, you ruined me!  As a kid, I always wanted a house lined with lick-able wallpaper and a chocolate river in my backyard. While I continue tearing open candy bars in hopes of finding the Golden Ticket, I can make my own goodies now thanks to the ladies behind Liddabit Sweets. Erin took

What We’re Loving: Icy Treats

by Erin Nichols
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A big thanks to contributor Erin Nichols for her guest post on this week’s What We’re Loving.  We love to share recipes that include cool treats,  Strawberries and Balsamic over Vanilla Ice Cream  or the Classic Ice Cream Sandwich  are a couple recent favorites, but welcome Erin’s expert opinion and can’t wait to freeze some

Urban Picnic

by Erin Nichols
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It’s about that time to dust off your picnic basket, think of some refreshing surprises to tuck inside and tote to your closest outdoor eating spot. Erin’s happens to come with a view. Are we jealous? Maybe a little bit. -Maggie In San Francisco, summer as we know it back East is an elusive animal.

Grilled Cheese and Jam

by Erin Nichols
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Grilled cheese is one of those amazing foods that appeals to kids as much as adults and has endless combinations:  eat it open faced, sandwiched with veggies or bacon, any type of cheese, endless bread options — really any way you like it.  I am currently hooked on goat cheese and cinnamon raisin bread.  I’d

Very Fond of Food

by Erin Nichols
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Cookbooks are inspirational reading.  They’re filled with nourishing ideas, incredible food photography and often, like Sophie Dahl’s Very Fond of Food, some entertaining anecdotes, personal notes and silly stories.  They make us laugh and make us hungry.  What new cookbooks are inspiring you? – Maggie I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I flipped

Rainbow Cookies

by Erin Nichols
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Some of us get our spring pastel color fix by dyeing eggs and threading them on a so-called Easter Egg Tree.   Others, like me, bring color into the kitchen with some seasonal blooms…hint, hint:   our new Flower Sessions.   Just in time for Easter, blogger Erin Nichols of Erin Cooks shows us that

Garam Masala Deviled Eggs

by Erin Nichols
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My friend, and fabulous blogging colleague, Erin Nichols of Erin Cooks, moved all the way across the country to that little foodie city known as San Francisco. We miss her in New England – I’m even further away from her while in Paris… sigh – so we invited Erin to share some special recipes that

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