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Elizabeth McNally is the Virginia based creator of Wee Kitchen. A second generation Irish-American, Elizabeth has traveled to Ireland more than thirty times over the past twenty years. On her website, Elizabeth shares photographs, recipes, and stories inspired by her travels. A self-trained lover of baking from the age of twelve, Elizabeth enjoys looking for ways to bring a new twist to traditional Irish recipes while maintaining their heritage. Elizabeth's photographs and recipes have been featured on IrishAbroad.com, Babble.com, and GotIreland.com.

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Irish Farmers Cake

by Elizabeth McNally
Irish Farmer’s Cake

I still haven’t visited Ireland. What’s wrong with me?! My husband became a full-fledged Irish citizen in 2013 and, drats, life has just gotten in our way. Thank goodness for Elizabeth McNally of Wee Kitchen. For St. Patrick’s Day, we’re featuring a real Irish recipe, courtesy of our favorite Irish traveler. Elizabeth, the lucky lady,

Plum Cordial of Ireland

by Elizabeth McNally
Thumbnail image for Plum Cordial of Ireland

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Madrid… all over Europe. The one place that’s been on my travel wish list since I was a wee lass is the tiny land of Ireland. And even though I married a man with strong Irish roots, a trip to his ‘homeland’ has

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