Roasted Pumpkin Soup in Baby Squash Bowls

by Sean St. John
Roasted Pumpkin Soup in Baby Squash Bowls

Let’s just say I’ve fallen for pumpkin this season — not the canned stuff or the latte syrup (though they have their place, no doubt), but instead, I’m cooking every style of gourd and shape of squash imaginable. And now my friend Sean has raised the bar in such an elegant way. I know what

Mushroom Stroganoff Baked Potatoes

by Denise Woodward & Laudalino Ferreira
Mushroom Stroganoff Stuffed Baked Potatoes

The moment I saw these stuffed baked potatoes from Denise, I suddenly didn’t mind the cold snap or the extra scarf needed to shield myself from the wind. The moment I came in from the cold, I knew I could make these and just go with the season. I’m hosting my own fall supper with

Fettucini alla Norma

by Sheila Jarnes
Fettucini alla Norma

Yesterday Sheila gave a primer on making fresh pasta; today, she shares her favorite pasta sauce to dress it! Run, don’t walk, to the farmer’s market, gather up the last of the tomatoes and eggplant, and settle in for a cozy night of Italian comfort food. -Amy Pasta alla Norma is one of my favorite

Butternut Squash Risotto with Walnuts and Soy Caramel

by Judi Cutrone & Nicole Ziegler
Thumbnail image for Butternut Squash Risotto with Walnuts and Soy Caramel

We love hearing from Judi and Nicole, because they always dream up such classic yet decadent dishes. This risotto, which is starchy, salty, fatty, and sweet, heralds the arrival of cozy bowls and simmering stove tops – enjoy! – Amy As I write, a dear friend is packing up her whole life here in Portland

6 Questions for Karen Solomon (author, Asian Pickles) and Wasabi Pickled Carrots

by Maggie Battista
6 Questions for Karen Solomon (author, Asian Pickles) and Wasabi Pickled Carrots

I met Karen Solomon on the streets of San Francisco in April 2013. I was waiting for a taxi to the airport when she walked right out of her apartment building. I promise I had no idea it was her apartment building but when I asked if she was the cookbook author, well, I’m certain

Roasted Veggie Tacos with Handmade Tortillas

by Casey Engleman
Roasted Veggie Tacos and Homemade Tortilla Recipe

If ever there were a time to dine outdoors, with one’s hands, on produce heavy dishes, THIS IS IT. Tacos usually mean meat, but in this case, Casey has conjured up a veggie recipe that is so flavorful, you’ll be too busy tasting all the goodness to miss the… – Amy That time of year

Killer Scallion Kimchi (Part 2)

by Angela Brown
What They Eat: Killer Scallion Kimchi

A fridge full of quick wins is what keeps us all going. After long days running a super successful New York City food business, Angela piles this on top of her humble dinner and, wow, when can we have some? If you missed Angela’s first post on the trials and loves of starting a food

What We’re Loving: Smoothies

by Rachel Wilson
What We’re Loving: Smoothies

My best friend recently got a Vitamix in the mail from her mother-in-law, and I immediately began to “ooh” and “ahh,” as I’d coveted this particular appliance for many, many years. My husband had told me to just buy one already (after he’d caught me looking at different models on the internet one time too

Pickled Radishes

by Angela Brown
Pickled Radishes

Pickles are the universal food gift, seriously. The homemade kind take only minutes to make and add such punch to every sort of meal, from breakfast to break-time snacks. Angela shows us the easiest sort: pickled radishes with whole black peppercorns. In ten minutes or less, you’ll have the kind of #foodgiftlove that makes dinner shine

New Beginnings Beet Salad

by Casey Engleman
New Beginnings Beet Salad

We are all up for meatless meals, centered on hearty and delicious veggies. Thankfully, we have Casey to give us fresh takes on some old friends. Sweet roasted beets, acidic oranges, and a creamy, nutty pistachio dressing team up for this satisfying salad. -Amy I work a job where occasionally I get home late. More

Ramp Frittata

by Molly Shuster
Thumbnail image for Ramp Frittata

I’m ramp crazy. And I’m not alone. Matthew and I could make some seriously strong vodka martinis with his Pickled Ramps. They’d go great with the fresh pasta dish I’ve been tossing with ramps for the last few weeks. And now it’s time to add them to eggs, of course. Merci, Molly. -Maggie For me,

What We’re Loving: Spring Peas

by Amy Feiereisel
Fresh Green Peas

As the world unfurls from a harsh winter, as shoots force themselves out into the Spring sun, there is nothing harder than waiting for the markets to reflect the new life all around us. We are so close. So close to full markets and gardens, to leafy, colorful produce spilling out of grocery bags. Often I find myself

Rustic Fennel Apricot Bread

by Mary Swenson
Thumbnail image for Rustic Fennel Apricot Bread

Old Italian uncles, a much-loved and much-tested bread, and some killer apricots? Count me in! – Amy I have this really, really cute great-uncle. His name is Evo, and he’s 100% Italian – which, waaaay back when, apparently wasn’t a “favorable” trait when it came to courting my aunt. But since he’s really, really cute,

Roasted Beet and Horseradish Crème

by Angela Brown
Thumbnail image for Roasted Beet and Horseradish Crème

Today we are so thrilled to introduce our newest Eat Boutique contributor. In our circle, she’s considered the reigning Condiment Queen. Angela starts off with a big, colorful bang in this glorious Roasted Beet and Horseradish Crème. If that isn’t pure love, I don’t know what is. -Amy After a long, grey winter, I positively

Savory Veggie Porridge

by Casey Engleman
Thumbnail image for Savory Veggie Porridge

Seriously, I am melting. This savory porridge is like a big, fluffy blanket. It’s also vegetarian, but nice and satisfying, with Casey’s ingenious use of nut butter, honey, and soy sauce. Dive in! – Amy I’ve always been a fan of a runny yolk. Odds are, if there is an item on a menu that

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