Coq au Vin a la Partridge: Pot-Roasted with Sausage and Cider and Ready for a Downton Abbey Inspired Supper

by Sean St. John
Coq au Vin a la Partridge: Pot Roasted with Sausage & Cider

Take a fine moment to consider Sean’s brilliant take on Coq Au Vin that actually has no Vin at all. It’s a bit of fowl stewed with hard cider, two styles of sausages (including chorizo) and beans. If partridge isn’t for you, find a bird that suits you and get to pot-roasting, stat. This dish

Roasted Pumpkin Soup in Baby Squash Bowls

by Sean St. John
Roasted Pumpkin Soup in Baby Squash Bowls

Let’s just say I’ve fallen for pumpkin this season — not the canned stuff or the latte syrup (though they have their place, no doubt), but instead, I’m cooking every style of gourd and shape of squash imaginable. And now my friend Sean has raised the bar in such an elegant way. I know what

What We’re Loving: Lemons

by Kate H. Knapp
Seven Lovely Lemon Recipes

Lemons are so lovely. They can make a cup of tea cozy, cool a hot afternoon, elevate a hum-drum dish, and add zest to an otherwise zestless dessert. Gorgeously tart citrus are a cook’s best friend and a baker’s delight; finding a home in both the sweet and savory, as well as in my heart.

What We’re Loving: Spring Peas

by Amy Feiereisel
Fresh Green Peas

As the world unfurls from a harsh winter, as shoots force themselves out into the Spring sun, there is nothing harder than waiting for the markets to reflect the new life all around us. We are so close. So close to full markets and gardens, to leafy, colorful produce spilling out of grocery bags. Often I find myself

Savory Veggie Porridge

by Casey Engleman
Thumbnail image for Savory Veggie Porridge

Seriously, I am melting. This savory porridge is like a big, fluffy blanket. It’s also vegetarian, but nice and satisfying, with Casey’s ingenious use of nut butter, honey, and soy sauce. Dive in! – Amy I’ve always been a fan of a runny yolk. Odds are, if there is an item on a menu that

Cornbread Dumplings on Beef Bean Chili

by Tara Bellucci
Thumbnail image for Cornbread Dumplings on Beef Bean Chili

As a southern girl currently abroad, Tara’s recipe makes me a little homesick, and a LOT hungry. Hearty chili and cornbread are a classic pairing – but cooked like this you’ve got ease, gorgeous presentation, and a truly complete one pot meal! -Amy  Chili is delicious any season, but I particularly love it in the

Cooking with Nut Butters

by Amy Feiereisel
Cooking with Nut Butters

Don’t get me wrong – I love nut butters, just as they are. I’m the first one to crack open a jar and commence the double dipping, because I have a lot to make up for. You see, I didn’t even TRY peanut butter until I was eighteen. Eighteen! I spent an entire childhood without

Asian Turkey Noodle Soup

by Denise Woodward
Asian Turkey Noodle Soup

Soup is a seriously under appreciated food group, which is really a shame; after all, it’s both nourishing and hydrating, and you get to nurse a big, hot, bowl.  I think a major factor in the soup drought is fear of or unease with making stock. Thankfully, Denise shares both a delightfully unusual recipe, and

Chestnut Soup

by Maggie Battista
Chestnut Soup

Oh my winter weather amazingness. One moment, it’s snowing pounds of fresh white stuff. The next moment, it’s frozen. And then suddenly, it’s warm as spring and we’re melting in thick sweaters. But, really, there are far worse things. We cooked our way through the snow storm and kept warm during the frozen tundra, gift

Parmesan Broth with Tortellini

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Parmesan Broth with Tortellini

This unusual but light recipe is inspired by the leftover bits from Maggie’s perfect cheese plate. Instead of throwing out a perfectly good rind, use it to impart distinctive flavor to a clean tortellini broth. For more cheesy leftovers, check out Blue Cheese Baked Potatoes, Jam and Cheese Crepes, and Bake-and-Broil Pasta. -Amy Parmesan Broth

What We’re Loving: Chilled Summer Soups

by Amy Feiereisel
Thumbnail image for What We’re Loving: Chilled Summer Soups

Stews and soups and hearty bowls of beans haven’t exactly been on the menu lately. But summer is hardly the time to pack away your spoons. As long as the charming cross between a smoothie and a pureed, chilled soup exists, my spoon is staying tightly clutched and ready for action. Tomato Gazpacho is the

What We’re Loving: Vegetarian Comfort Food

by Ariela Rose
Thumbnail image for What We’re Loving: Vegetarian Comfort Food

Comfort foods are the kind of dishes you don’t have to slave over — restlessly stirring a pot for hours as you fret over a dinner that’s scheduled to start promptly at six. Instead, comfort food is about ease and heart. A pot you leave simmering on the stove, letting flavors mingle in their own

Chilled Avocado Soup

by Denise Woodward
Thumbnail image for Chilled Avocado Soup

I find soup to be so comforting in the winter months  and I love to pair it with a crusty piece of bread.  Why can’t chilled versions of this classic cold weather comfort food offer a summer-time pick me up, too?  It’s a fresh, no-cook solution to a summer potluck and I can already picture

Curried Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

by Shelby Larsson
Thumbnail image for Curried Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

Let it be known: We are big fans of the state of Vermont here at Eat Boutique. It’s not that much of a stretch, of course – many of us are New Englanders, or New Englanders at heart, and we love the entire region. But there is just something about Vermont and I was ecstatic

Spoonful of Comfort

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Spoonful of Comfort

There’s nothing like chicken soup to mend a bad cold or sore soul. Marti Bowes Wymer took that to heart by creating her own line of old-fashioned chicken soup that you can send to anyone needing a dose of love. Forget flowers. We prefer the idea of helping a loved one with a jar of

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