What We Love: Spring Recipes

by Amy Feiereisel
What We Love: Spring Recipes

Believe it or not, it’s officially spring! Okay, so maybe the flowers aren’t in full bloom; perhaps they’re buried under a few feet of white powder, but we are nearing the end of Winter 2015, and that is something to definitely be celebrated. Warmth is coming, along with the first salad greens of the season,

What We’re Loving: Herbed Homemade Candy

by Rachel Wilson
What We’re Loving: Herbed Homemade Candy

I keep a peppermint dark chocolate bar in my desk drawer at all times, and I’ll snack on a square in moments of stress, or when I have a spare moment in my day, or just because it’s Tuesday. Mint is an herb that is often associated with dessert, but pastry chefs and home cooks

Grilled Peach, Corn and Prosecco Mussels

by Matthew Petrelis
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Crossover dishes have my heart this week and this one is just so special. Mussels cuddle up to late summer produce in a sparkling broth that says, “sure, it’s almost soup season but let’s keep the prosecco thing going a little while longer.” Grill up plenty of bread to sop up the pleasing stock –

Streusel Topped Blueberry Pie

by Judi Cutrone & Nicole Ziegler
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To kick off the celebration of seven years of Eat Boutique, we’re eating pie. But not just any pie. This one is topped with a crumbly streusel topping that weaves through blueberry puddles and screams New England summer. Happy 7th birthday to us but, more importantly, happy summer to you! -Maggie During the summer in

All-Purpose Quick Pickle Brine

by Maggie Battista
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Let’s be quick about this because you have way better things to do than sit inside pickling over a steaming stove all summer. On Saturday, my darling Italian neighbor gave me peppers, cucumbers and parsley from her garden. My garden is suffering, big time, so I got a little glassy-eyed when she handed me her

Pickled Radishes

by Angela Brown
Pickled Radishes

Pickles are the universal food gift, seriously. The homemade kind take only minutes to make and add such punch to every sort of meal, from breakfast to break-time snacks. Angela shows us the easiest sort: pickled radishes with whole black peppercorns. In ten minutes or less, you’ll have the kind of #foodgiftlove that makes dinner shine

Spring Pickled Ramps

by Matthew Petrelis
Spring Pickled Ramps

Everyone is talking about ramps and, gosh, we love them too. If you don’t know what they are, why people love them or what anyone would ever do with them, Matthew has you covered. Just pickle them, but not before you read his words of wisdom, okay? Spring is here and you need to know

What We’re Loving: Spring Peas

by Amy Feiereisel
Fresh Green Peas

As the world unfurls from a harsh winter, as shoots force themselves out into the Spring sun, there is nothing harder than waiting for the markets to reflect the new life all around us. We are so close. So close to full markets and gardens, to leafy, colorful produce spilling out of grocery bags. Often I find myself

Meyer Lemon Mini Cannoli Cups

by Mary Swenson
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We may be a Boston-based operation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate (read: adore) the West Coast. Mary just gave us yet another reason to dream of a warmer, more citrus-y state (of mind)… -Amy I’m a New England girl. Born and raised, and committed to living here in sort of a heels-dug-in way

The New Jersey Escape

by Amy Feiereisel
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New Jersey isn’t quite up there with Rome, Tokyo, or Paris when it comes to hot travel destinations, and many initial reactions to the state include mutterings about a certain television show and a generous dose of skepticism. Before I was enlightened, I’m sorry to say, I wrinkled my nose with the rest of them.

What We’re Loving: Fresh Herbs

by Amy Feiereisel
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Herbs are a truly transformative ingredient, especially in abundance. Bought from the grocery store, however, they come in small packages at high prices, and I never use them as freely as I’d like. One must be judicious with fish sauce, cinnamon, and hot peppers; never herbs. Luckily, herbs are easy to grow yourself and there

Fluffy White Cake

by Denise Woodward
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I’m used to unusual and beautiful eats, but Denise’s almost otherworldly confection, inspired by Miche Bacher’s new cookbook Cooking with Flowers, swept even me away. I can imagine bringing this out at the tail end of a cozy dinner party in the garden…that’s not me tearing up from the beauty of it all, I promise.

Cocktail Herb Tub

by Maggie Battista
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Three weeks into summer and three trips have come and gone. New York, Berlin and Amsterdam were warm and dense and laden with tourists. I kind of loved it. Everyone seemed so happy to be on holiday and while I was working, I couldn’t help but become totally infected by the happy-go-lucky perfume in the

What We’re Loving: Summer Salads

by Amy Feiereisel
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It’s here! They’re here! Though we love the market year round, the winter and spring can be…sparse. Parsnips and potatoes rule, even as the world wakes up and a misty green creeps over winter-browned edges. July, on the other hand, screams abundance and freshness. Mountains of cucumbers and zucchini protect bursting bundles of leafy greens.

Veggie Tacos

by Matthew Petrelis
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My garden is now a distant memory; we picked the last of the green tomatoes a week back. If you happen to live in luckier weather, then hurry up and make these Veggie Tacos immediately. The base ingredient is… wait for it… fried green tomatoes. Sign us up, and welcome new contributor Matthew in the

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