A Trio of Tapas

by Sean St. John
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In our continuing recap from Sean’s trip to Andalucía, we begged him for tapas recipes. These are three simple tapas dishes you can create right now, with face turned toward a bit of sun and blushing from a glass or two of something strong. -Maggie Traditionally, tapas would have been no more than a slice of

When in Spain, Eat…

by Sean St. John
When in Spain, Eat…

Folks, do you this little favor right now. Stop what you’re doing and spend five minutes reading about Sean’s visit to Andalucía. In five minutes, you’ll be transported to a sort of calm place somewhere only a very good book will take you. In five minutes, you’ll retreat into Sean’s tiny dispatch from the land of

A Food Day in Barcelona

by Josephine Rozman
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I’ve been lucky enough to eat at Noma in Copenhagen this year, indulge in Paris during the spring and most recently enjoy bites to eat around Seattle (I promise to tell you more soon!). Thanks to Josephine, now we all get a little nibble of Barcelona, too. We’d love to hear about your own food

Books on Cooks: Gazpacho Recipe from “Eating Together”

by Luke Poling
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As an avid reader, I’m always on the look-out for some forgotten book that will completely blow me away. I always dream of finding something that I can press copies of into friend’s hands and say, “you have to read this… you’ll love it.” After someone on Twitter gushed about this book, I was compelled

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