Bon Appetit: Mimi Thorisson on her Kitchen in France & her Aunt’s Fava Bean Soup

by Kate H. Knapp
Bon Appetit: Mimi Thorisson on her Kitchen in France & her Aunt’s Fava Bean Soup

Warning: This article may inspire you to move to a farmhouse in France. Mimi Thorisson has that power. I started reading her blog, Manger, years ago and I’m still plotting my escape overseas. Mimi’s life on her stunning farmhouse in France, complete with adorable children and cuter-than-cute dogs, would be enough reason to make us jump ship, but then

Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau with a French Dinner Party

by Kate H. Knapp
What We’re Loving: Beaujolais Nouveau Dinner Party

With Beaujolais Nouveau Day fast approaching (the third Thursday in November every year), we’re putting on our menu-planning hats and coming up with ways to celebrate the new wine. Bottled just 6 to 8 weeks after harvest, Beaujolais has very little tannin and typically is quite fruity and light. In fact, some find the purple-pink wine

A European Whirlwind

by Maggie Battista
Europe Whirlwind

I made a promise to myself when I embarked on writing a cookbook. The promise was simple: I promise to do whatever I need to make sure I appreciate and even enjoy this cookbook writing process.  And no matter how busy I get, I am making sure to do just that. In March, I had the

Eat Boutique Sale on Small Business Saturday

by Maggie Battista
Eat Boutique Sale on Small Business Saturday

Six years ago, I almost started a blog called Eat Small, instead of Eat Boutique. Did you know that?! I think about it every year around this time. With Small Business Saturday just a couple weeks away, I’m reminded of why I started this boutique business to highlight boutique makers. Boutique is all about small.

Tifamade, Paris

by Michelle Martin
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Tiffany and I missed each other in Paris. She was there and I was back here and we just never got a chance to meet which is tragic, oui? But I am in love with her original sandwich business called Tifamade, all delivered on a pink bike across the streets of Paris, and she’s eager

A Twist on Pot Au Feu

by Denise Woodward
Thumbnail image for A Twist on Pot Au Feu

It’s stormy outside right now, so I want soup. I threw out a very special challenge to Denise for a dish close to my heart. She triumphed! – Maggie When Maggie talks Paris, I’m right there with her. And when she mentioned crafting a Pot au Feu recipe, my mind jumped on a plane straight

Jacques Genin, Paris

by Josephine Rozman
Thumbnail image for Jacques Genin, Paris

Paris reminds me of croissants, afternoon tea and, always, without fail, Jacques Genin. I was delighted to hear Josephine got a private tour with the confectionary master. Here is her intimate account of her afternoon with Jacques Genin in Paris. Indeed, I was very jealous! – Maggie When I discussed my impending trip to Paris

Sweet Sparkling Tea

by Maggie Battista
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Before we lose the last rays of truly hot sun… Before the sitting under a shady tree feels cool instead of refreshing… Before your friends disappear into Fall busy life and can’t join you for a 2pm cocktail hour in the garden… And certainly before the Eat Boutique Fall Market… Make a pitcher of this

Markets of Paris

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Markets of Paris

I’m returning to Europe in a few weeks for my first visit to Berlin, Germany and all I can think of is Paris… My first visit to Paris was in the late 90s, just a few years after graduating from a big-city college. Raised in a family of first- and second-generation immigrants who just wanted

Rose Bakery, Paris

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Rose Bakery, Paris

One day, sometime in the not too far off future, I will have a little spot where you can grab a bite or a sip of something sweet, sour, savory or potent. The not too far off future may be 10 years from now, but a lady can dream, so bear with me. My little

Citrus Panna Cotta

by Heidi Murphy
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Jam jars to serve lemonade and iced tea are a summer classic.  Now French yogurt jars to dole out homemade panna cotta?  Yes, please.  Thanks to Heidi for bringing together seasonal citrus, one of our favorite recipes and some pretty glassware from our recent trip to Paris to re-invent this classic Italian custard.  We’d love

Sneak Peek: Paris and Copenhagen Photos

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Sneak Peek: Paris and Copenhagen Photos

Paris and Copenhagen were… beautiful. I have so much to share, including details on our lunch at Noma in Copenhagen. While we get those photos together, I wanted to post a preview of the gorgeousness that was Europe. The two photos above are from Noma and the two photos below are from Paris. Promise to

Lavender Honey Macarons

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Lavender Honey Macarons

Macarons are big business in Paris and I tend to indulge in those made by my favorite small bakeries all over the city. After all, there’s always a few minutes to pop in for a sweet bite and quick espresso when wandering the city of light. While macarons are much-admired and often-recreated by food bloggers

French Cheese Plate

by Shelby Larsson
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I don’t know about you, but I have pretty much been stalking Maggie’s tweets, Facebook updates, Instagrams, and blog updates since she arrived in Paris a few weeks ago. While she is there for work purposes, she also seems to be soaking up every Parisian moment she can, visiting old favorites and finding new gems

French Onion Soup

by Denise Woodward
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Paris is getting warmer by the day. You can see and smell the city transform into spring and, quite frankly, it’s exciting; everyone is in the best mood. But as I walked the brocantes around the city yesterday, it was still chilly so we stopped here and there to warm up with wine and food.

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