Eating Out (Well) in Paris: Six Restaurant Gems for the Frugal Foodie

by Amy Feiereisel
Eating Out (Well) in Paris: Six Restaurant Gems for the Frugal Foodie

Good food in Paris is not a tall order. But good food for less than 15 euros? That can be much harder to find, and can make staying in Paris on a budget nearly impossible. This is one reason I love French food markets so much. You can eat well for a fraction of the

Chef Dan Barber from the Food Series “Chef’s Table” Talks Tradition, Last Suppers, and Favorite Food Gifts

by Maggie Battista
Chef Dan Barber from the Food Series “Chef’s Table” Talks Tradition, Last Suppers, and Favorite Food Gifts

Do you have a Netflix account? I hope you do but if you don’t, it’s time to cozy up to someone who does. I just love food stories that are told via recipes, cookbooks and interviews with makers, but lately food films (like the mini-series My Life in Sourdough, which I’ve devoured) have caught up

In Maggie’s Kitchen: Seafood Fra Diavolo, Slow-Roasted Salmon, Cookbook News and It’s Almost Valentine’s Day

by Maggie Battista
In Maggie’s Kitchen:

Hello friends, I just returned from a weekend away and, naturally, I have a few things to share because… it’s Monday! Spice It Up: I fell in love, again, with Maine and most certainly in love, again, with fra diavolo sauce. I don’t know why it’s evaded my cooking repertoire this long but, oh yes,

Interview: Two Hands Cafe in New York City

by Josephine Rozman
Interview: Two Hands Cafe in New York City

There’s been some buzz about a little Australian cafe in New York City, sandwiched right between Little Italy and Chinatown – talk about international! The talk stems from excellent coffee, munch-able snacks, a gorgeous location, and the love and dedication of the two Sydney-born owners, Giles Russell and Henry Roberts. Luckily Josephine, a recent NYC

Chai-Smoked Spareribs

by Tara Bellucci
Chai Smoked Spareribs

When Joanne Chang expanded beyond the world’s best cinnamon buns and scones to New England-sourced Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian street food, Boston perked up. Meyers + Chang is packed most nights with happy eaters and dishes to inspire that happiness. Thank goodness, Tara was also inspired to recreate one of their best dishes. Now

Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria

by Amy Feiereisel
Thumbnail image for Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria

This little business profile is of a business far from Eat Boutique’s beloved New England roots, but close to my heart and home. Based in Austin, Texas, this gem of a butcher shop has been quietly growing and thriving. Salt & Time supports local agriculture, the craft of full-animal butchery, sustainable practices – and puts

Market Lunch: Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck

by Lauren Keiper
Thumbnail image for Market Lunch: Mei Mei Street Kitchen Food Truck

Yes, I am a planner. I keep a date book. I arrive early for appointments. I like to be strategic in the aisles at the grocery store. Gearing up for the Eat Boutique Boston Holiday Market means one thing for me:  plot my course of action through Cruiseport Boston early so I don’t miss a

Blackberry Farm

by Rachel Wilson
Thumbnail image for Blackberry Farm

Rachel volunteered at one of our very first Eat Boutique Holiday Markets, and has returned to every single event since. That’s five big markets, people, so she’s worked herself into my life such that my Mom now asks, “How’s Rachel?” every single month. Eat Boutique adores you, Rachel, and I’m even more delighted to congratulate

Union Square Donuts

by Matthew Petrelis
Thumbnail image for Union Square Donuts

It’s nice to see a dessert that’s become almost synonymous with factory-line production returned to its former state of glory – perhaps even improved upon? Today, Matthew takes us on a visit to Union Square Donuts, home of the Fluffa Nutta. Yes, that’s a donut. -Amy Are donut parties something that people do? They should.

Salt Water Farm Cafe

by Shelby Larsson
Thumbnail image for Salt Water Farm Cafe

Ever since I moved up to the (literally) greener pastures of the northeast (from Texas), I have longed to visit Maine. Everything I hear sounds positively magical: rocky beaches, farmer’s markets, and the ever-present salty breeze. Shelby’s adventures have transformed my little wish into a raging desire, and now I know where I’ll be eating

The Proprietors Bar & Table, Nantucket

by Lauren Keiper
Thumbnail image for The Proprietors Bar & Table, Nantucket

I have a confession: I’ve never been to Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. However, I’m now plying my boyfriend to plan a weekend trip to Nantucket as soon as possible. All I want to do is hang out on the island, drink and eat dinner at Proprietor’s. You’ll want to as well as soon

Husk, Charleston, South Carolina

by Sheila Jarnes
Thumbnail image for Husk, Charleston, South Carolina

Sheila and I have been pen pals since March. We met as we were both planning San Francisco trips: I visited for the IACP awards ceremony and she had planned to work short-term (called a “stage” in the restaurant business) at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse. I met Alice on that trip and I got teary

Puritan, Cambridge, Massachusetts

by Shelby Larsson
Thumbnail image for Puritan, Cambridge, Massachusetts

We feature many boutique food makers on Eat Boutique and, just in case you were wondering, restauranteurs are makers too! After several visits to Puritan & Company, I felt the vibe of a true maker in every detail. Between the food, the design and the sweet hello/goodbye at the door, Shelby’s become a fan as

The Preservation Kitchen

by Tara Bellucci
Thumbnail image for The Preservation Kitchen

Preserving the season is the most fun part of this food life, but my pantry is overflowing with jams, pickles, spices and sauces. If I’m not gifting these jars, I’m searching for recipes to use them up throughout the year. Tara’s found a beautiful book to help us all do just that. Now, pass that

Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen

by Maggie Battista
Thumbnail image for Noma Restaurant, Copenhagen

For the last four days, I’ve chanted “I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky, I’m so lucky.” I dragged my family and all sorts of holiday-esque nourishments up to an 1800s home on a pond in the tiniest of villages in Vermont. We had an absolutely delightful Christmas in tundra-like cold with bits of sunshine peeking

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