Love Your Kitchen and Happy Birthday, Eat Boutique

by Maggie Battista
Love Your Kitchen and Happy Birthday, Eat Boutique

I also started Eat Boutique — but let’s talk about that in a few paragraphs. I’d rather, first, tell you about learning to love my kitchen. When we moved into this 100-year-old farm house set on an old apple orchard, the kitchen was the heart of the home, quite literally. It was in the very

Chemex Coffee

by Denise Woodward & Laudalino Ferreira
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I drink my coffee black, just like Denise. And my morning ritual sounds almost identical. Great minds, Denise. I especially appreciate the video on how to make a pot of coffee with your Chemex. -Maggie About a year ago, I decided to give up adding rich, luscious cream to my daily cups of coffee.  I

Lemon Rosemary Cleaning Spray

by Melissa Massello
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Hmmm… that’s not a recipe, now is it? Well, not a food recipe. But eating boutique certainly lends itself to living boutique, and we are all simple, natural, DIY projects to make your life a little sunnier. We are also thrilled to bits to introduce Melissa Massello, a DIY guru (from my own hometown of

What We’re Loving: Potatoes

by Amy Feiereisel
What We’re Loving: Potatoes

Oh, the humble potato. How lumpy and starchy and heavy you are. But how versatile, how ever-changing and adaptable! Roasted, mashed, fried, boiled, and baked; I never tire of your many faces. For the seasonal eater, the winter can feel a wee bit heavy on the root veggies, cabbage, and potatoes. Blessedly, potatoes can be

Little Tipples: Homemade Ginger Beer

by Sean St. John
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This is the last (and most explosive) installment of Katt Frank and Sean St. John’s Little Tipples Collaboration. Along the way they’ve introduced us to Sloe Gin, Blackberry Bourbon, and Brandied Cherries. Beer seems like a natural conclusion then, especially with the holiday twist of ginger! -Amy Homemade ginger beer is fiery, spicy, viciously bubbly

Spiceologist Block Kickstarter

by Amy Feiereisel
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A huge component of Eat Boutique is connecting food communities and supporting small business owners, so when we heard about the success of the Spiceologist Block Kickstarter Campaign, the entire team was so inspired that I had to write about it. SAVORx is a company devoted solely to supplying spices and rubs of the highest

A Berkshires Trip and Eat Boutique’s New Apron

by Maggie Battista
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While out in the Berkshires this weekend, I had a lot of time to think because, gosh, it takes nearly three hours to get out there from Boston. I thought about how Williamstown, Massachusetts – my destination and a paradise-like country nook I called home in the late 1990s – was the perfect blend of

Kitchen: Septuplet Plate at Merci, Paris

by Maggie Battista
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This plate (discovered at Merci in Paris, France a couple weeks ago) is absolutely perfect for a host like me. I imagine serving my guests all seven courses at once, letting them create taste patterns that work for their palettes by picking and choosing from each of the seven plates before them. Perhaps I’d serve

Spoonful of Comfort

by Maggie Battista
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There’s nothing like chicken soup to mend a bad cold or sore soul. Marti Bowes Wymer took that to heart by creating her own line of old-fashioned chicken soup that you can send to anyone needing a dose of love. Forget flowers. We prefer the idea of helping a loved one with a jar of

Mr. Darcy Dish Towel

by Maggie Battista
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If you know me at all, you know I love dish towels. I also love the stubborn, sexy, reluctantly-in-love Mr. Darcy almost as much as dish towels. He both breaks and warms my heart. Two amazing things push together into these sweet dish towels that play canvas to Mr. Darcy’s proposal from Pride & Prejudice.

Sin Plates and Sugar Cones

by Maggie Battista
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Virginia Sin’s line of eco-friendly porcelain products are inspired and profound. They look like picnic-style paper plates but, get this folks, they’re made of microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain. They’re completely irregular in shape and style, something that makes me love them more, in a very wabi sabi sort of way. These plates found a spot

Emile Henry Pots on Sale

by Maggie Battista
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I am so into green and these green Emile Henry pots are on sale at One Kings Lane until January 8th. You’ll have to join the site to see the pots, but they are so worth it – made from beautiful clay in Burgundy, France since the 1850s. There are loads of colors to choose

Toast Denim Apron

by Maggie Battista
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Aprons are so special to me. I have a varied collection – puffy aprons, sleek aprons, white aprons. My favorite apron in the world right now is made by Ice Milk Aprons, but this denim version is a close second and, hello, it’s on sale!

Studiopatro Tea Towels

by Maggie Battista
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I’m a sucker for tea towels; I must have 30 of them, new and vintage, hanging around my kitchen. I’m an even bigger sucker for Studiopatro’s tea towels. They make eco-friendly textiles that you can use to wipe up your kitchen counter or, as in this photo, to wrap a bottle of wine for your

Lyon Industrial Stools

by Maggie Battista
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I love mixing warm woods with cool steel in a kitchen. My own kitchen is a bit of a mish-mash with wood cabinets, honed granite counter tops (made to look like soapstone) and stainless steel open shelves. I started it’s redesign a few years ago and though the bones are complete, it’s still a work

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