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Dave’s Coffee Talks (Coffee) Shop, Tiramisu, & Boozy Coffee Milk

by Kate H. Knapp
Dave’s Coffee Syrup

Coffee. Incredible how one simple word can cause such happiness. And one small Rhode Island company is certainly making people smile with their one-of-a-kind creations. We’ve been long-time fans of Dave’s Coffee–in fact, their coffee syrup is always a big hit at our pop-up events and we’ve even featured their shop before. We caught up with Dave Lanning, CEO of Dave’s Coffee, to

Easiest Tiramisu and Dave’s Coffee Syrup

by Molly Shuster
Thumbnail image for Easiest Tiramisu and Dave’s Coffee Syrup

Growing up, coffee milk was one of my very favorite things. I’ve always been partial to coffee flavored things – milk, ice cream, milkshakes! Coffee has always been my go-to flavor. But growing up, I used the corn syrup-laden sweet stuff from the grocery market. All processed, all artificially flavored and made with about 100%

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