Beef, Stout and Oyster Pie

by Sean St. John
Beef, Stout, and Oyster Pie

Now that it’s finally summer, we’re eating raw oysters like mad. With a beer or a glass of cold wine, they’re supreme. We asked Sean to share a unique way to use that ocean-like flavor, and he has spared no expense in sharing an old English recipe. I want to make a dozen of these

Dinner at St. John’s in London

by Maggie Battista
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In the June issue of Men’s Health magazine, Anthony Bourdain lists the “13 Places to Eat Before You Die” (which I discovered via Russ & Daughter’s great blog). Of course, the moment I saw the post, I tweeted it to the world, just like any diligent food blogger would. When I pressed send to share

The Bounties of Portabello Market, London

by Maggie Battista

Saturdays are so lovely in London, especially when blue skies hang above, temperatures are mild and Portabello Road is in full swing. With a week of work behind us, several of us gals tubed our way over to Notting Hill for a great brunch at Electric Brasserie, and some very expensive shopping. I knew we

Drinks by the Pool, Porn Stars at the Dinner Table

by Maggie Battista

There’s a great spot in London where life is always a beach. The Haymarket Hotel has a fancy bar right by the gigantic pool. We had drinks in a side room, but marveled at the vastness of the pool room, the luscious sofas, the beautiful colors and twinkling lights. After drinks, we headed next door

The Bridge is Still Standing

by Maggie Battista

I so wanted to document all my food visits while in London. That damn new job keeps getting in the way! But seriously folks, it’s best to focus on my job and delight you with some of the best views of London Bridge ever. Seriously. To get a view this lovely, you’d have to be

Lunch at Great Queen Street Restaurant

by Maggie Battista

Today was my first full day in London. And today’s lunch was at Great Queen Street, around the corner from my employer’s London office. I couldn’t agree more with The Independent’s review from last year. They said it better than I ever could. That said, isn’t the ambiance just charming? That’s my ideal dinner table

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