Seven Ways to Eat England

by Rachel Wilson on March 21, 2014

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The women in my family share many qualities; one of the least embarrassing to admit is a love for all things British. Our ladies-only get-togethers include our version of “high tea,” complete with scones, finger sandwiches and pastries. We pass around both fiction and non-fiction works by British authors, and can’t get enough of the BBC. We pull the paper Christmas crackers during our holiday dinner, and proudly wear our brightly colored crowns. My mom makes roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, and while these are delicious, the British haven’t historically been known for the quality of their food. Contemporary Britain is much different, of course, and many classic dishes have been updated with fresh flavors and a new look!

Fish and chips is a quintessential British dish. (It’s also one of my dad’s favorite meals, so I suppose it isn’t only the women in my family with Anglophilia!) This recipe for Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Spicy Remoulade takes it to the next level with the roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes and the spicy Cajun dipping sauce. {from The Candid Appetite}


For a slightly less elaborate repast, go for the fool-proof Ploughman’s Lunch. The Ploughman’s Lunch is traditional pub fare, and is made up of meats, cheeses, assorted fruits, veggies, breads, hardboiled eggs, pickles…basically whatever you want! These are both easy to assemble and elegant, and I think we’ll be consuming this in my house more often. {from Picture-Perfect Meals}


You might recognize Shepherd’s Pie as a traditional British dish.  You may not know (and I didn’t before compiling these recipes!) that true Shepherd’s Pie is made with minced lamb, while Cottage Pie is made with beef. This version of Cottage Pie swaps the potatoes for parsley root and adds kale for some extra veggies. {from Brooklyn Supper}


My daughter just started eating solids, and I can’t wait to introduce her to all kinds of new foods. I hope that these Strawberry Goat Cheese Popovers will be something we can share! {from In Sock Monkey Slippers}


We often have tea with dessert at my house. I’ve learned to drink it black, but will occasionally add milk and sugar as a special treat. These Earl Grey Pots de Crème combine all three elements into one delicious dessert. {from Hummingbird High}


Spring is near and this Rhubarb Earl Grey Custard Tart would be an excellent way to put a British spin on one of the earliest seasonal vegetables. {from A Swoonful of Sugar}


Wash all of these amazing foods down with this version of the classic Pimm’s Cup. The mixture of lemon, cucumber, and ginger ale make this a refreshing drink, and the spiral of cucumber in the glass makes it as gorgeous as it is delicious! {from Honestly Yum}

Photos courtesy of: Jonathan; Riley; Cheryl and Adam; Elizabeth; Meredith; Michelle; Irene; and Todd.

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Rachel Wilson

Rachel developed an appreciation for eating locally while growing up on a ranch in Oregon, and today frequents both farms and farmers' markets in search of fresh food treasures. An environmental consultant by day, she spends her evenings cooking and baking, much to the delight of her husband's coworkers. In addition, Rachel enjoys hiking, traveling, coffee shops, artisan chocolate, and books. As a new mom to baby Annabel, one of Rachel's future hobbies will be training her daughter to have an adventurous palate!

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