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by Kate H. Knapp on February 27, 2014

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Movies entertain, thrill, terrify, seduce, and inspire us, but what would they really be without the humble popcorn, candy, or treat that accompanies them? These overlooked bites add so much to the experience (who didn’t accidentally toss popcorn into the air during Jurassic Park? You know the scene I’m talking about). With the Oscars just a few days away, we wanted to shine the spotlight on those delicious and delightful snacks that make movie-going such a truly enjoyable event.

Any one of these award-winning treats will make your Oscar party the talk of the town. Plus, don’t forget to vote on your favorite films with your very own Oscars ballot before the big night.

Now onto the awards!


Best Flavor Duo: Liddabits Sweet Bacon Popcorn


Best Leading Sweet: Treat Bake Shop Spiced Pecans


Best Leading Savory: Fastachi Salted Pistachios


Best Supporting Role for Cheese: Simple & Crisp Pear Crisps


Best Dramatic Snack: Fixx Chocolate Andy’s Bar (crispy praline with passion fruit pate de fruits)


Best Thrilling Bite: Espresso Bar from Chocolat Moderne


Best Crunch Action: Boncora Almond Biscotti


Best Spicy SceneLark Saint Nicholas Cookies (Dutch almond spice)

Photos by Heidi/White Loft Studio.

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Kate H. Knapp

Head Recipe Tester & Shop Editor at Eat Boutique
Kate H. Knapp has been cooking since she was stove-high and whisk-strong. She comes from a long line of cooks and bakers, from whom she learned the sweet power of sugar, the thrill of egg whites, the magic of leftovers, and the importance of being fearless in the kitchen. Kate works as the Urbanist Boston City Guide Editor and has recently earned a Masters in Gastronomy. She spends her free time testing recipes, practicing food photography, and reading cookbooks. Her recipe for life is a work in progress—needs a dash more of this and a pinch of that—but she couldn't be happier with her ingredients.

  • jenb276

    I haven’t been too excited about the oscars…until now! I love the idea of snacking & sipping cocktails throughout the (sometimes) boring show. My favorites are the Treat Spiced Pecans, Simple & Crisp Pear Crisps, and the Espresso Bar from Chocolat Moderne to keep me awake when I begin to drift off to sleep during the long show. What does everyone else like?

    • Kate H. Knapp

      It’s so hard to choose, but I do love the Espresso Bar (I’m a sucker for anything with coffee). Also, the Simple & Crisps are the perfect with a good cheese. And really what goes better with a night of celebrity watching?

  • Amy

    That espresso bar…..SHE is who I want to spend Oscar’s night with….

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