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by Kate H. Knapp on January 30, 2014

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Sometimes I meet you in person and you say “Oh my goodness, I had no idea you offered that food in the Shop!?” You know what that means to me? I’m not doing a great job of sharing all the new goodies we’ve discovered with our die-hard blog readers. Shame, shame on me! To solve that, every so often, we’re going to feature some of the rad gift collections in our Shop in a bit more depth here. So next time you need a food gift, you can keep these ideas in your back pocket… Take it away, Kate! -Maggie

Ah, toast. So often overlooked for the flashier and fancier breakfast foods (I’m looking at you, waffles).

Yet a simple piece of browned bread can brighten even the darkest of mornings. A dab of butter can elevate white or wheat to new heights, but a divine breakfast dish (without any work) can be accomplished just by adding a little bit of jam, honey, peanut butter, or spices.

Trust me, I practically grew up on running-out-the-door-because-the-bus-is-coming-and-you’re-going-to-be-late toast, with just a dash of cinnamon sugar. It took two minutes to make and was so very satisfying on a cold winter morning in Utah.

Still need a little convincing? Just take a peek at some of these sensational spreads and spices available in the Everything But the Toast Gift Box, and I guarantee you will see how a piece of toast can really be transformative.

The Original Gift Box has everything you need (toast not included) to make your morning memorable. Try the coconut jam that tastes like a slice of tropical heaven. Drizzle honey so sweet, creamy, and floral that we like to think of it as the bee’s knees of honeys. Spread a jam so fragrantly floral and perfectly plum that it will transport you to a fruity escape. Scoop cranberry clementine preserves to savor a tart and citrusy-sweet moment.


Still want more? Maybe something a bit spicier or nuttier?

The Large Gift Box comes with everything listed above plus a cinnamon sugar that will warm even the coldest of days (better than my mom’s homemade stuff, and that is saying a great deal) and a thick and lovely peanut butter that we’re just nuts about.

Enjoy your toast this morning! xox


Photos by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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Kate H. Knapp

Head Recipe Tester & Shop Editor at Eat Boutique
Kate H. Knapp has been cooking since she was stove-high and whisk-strong. She comes from a long line of cooks and bakers, from whom she learned the sweet power of sugar, the thrill of egg whites, the magic of leftovers, and the importance of being fearless in the kitchen. Kate works as the Urbanist Boston City Guide Editor and has recently earned a Masters in Gastronomy. She spends her free time testing recipes, practicing food photography, and reading cookbooks. Her recipe for life is a work in progress—needs a dash more of this and a pinch of that—but she couldn't be happier with her ingredients.

  • Jennifer

    What a great way to start your morning!

    • Kate H. Knapp

      We couldn’t agree more, Jennifer. It really is the breakfast of champions (on the go).

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