Handmade Gifts: Candy Cane Meringues

by Kate H. Knapp on December 17, 2013

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Out of the many holiday treats my grandma would make (and there were plenty), there was just one my grandfather waited (quite impatiently) for each year: The meringue cookie. He adored their crunchy exterior which was immediately followed by a melt-in-your mouth sugary perfection. I remember the look of glee on his face when the delicately shaped egg whites were removed from the oven. How one simple cookie could turn a grown and very proud man into a giddy schoolboy was pure magic to me.

That is why I find Heather Christo’s Candy Cane Meringues so spellbinding and such a perfect holiday treat. They only require three ingredients (egg whites, powdered sugar, and crushed candy canes) to make fluffy, peppermint treats that both young and old can appreciate. The step-by-step photos take the intimidation factor out of working with meringue, and the adorable packaging is just icing on an already delightful food gift. I’m pretty sure these would have made my grandfather kick up his heels in a happy dance.

Photos taken and styled by Heather Christo.

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Kate H. Knapp

Head Recipe Tester & Shop Editor at Eat Boutique
Kate H. Knapp has been cooking since she was stove-high and whisk-strong. She comes from a long line of cooks and bakers, from whom she learned the sweet power of sugar, the thrill of egg whites, the magic of leftovers, and the importance of being fearless in the kitchen. Kate works as the Urbanist Boston City Guide Editor and has recently earned a Masters in Gastronomy. She spends her free time testing recipes, practicing food photography, and reading cookbooks. Her recipe for life is a work in progress—needs a dash more of this and a pinch of that—but she couldn't be happier with her ingredients.

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