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by Kathy Day on July 18, 2013

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We’ve all been there: On the way to a Pi-Day (March 14, for you non-nerds) party with three pies all made with delicious, slightly leaky fillings (Guinness chocolate pudding pie with whiskey whipped cream, anyone?). Transporting these wonderful pies in a friend’s car on the way to that Pi-Day party was a messy affair. His car now has permanent blueberry juice stains on the passenger side floor (sorry, Seth). Now, three months later, I’ve found this lovely pie box.

This Pie Box is gorgeous and elegant in it’s simplicity. In fact, travelling with a pie has never been easier. Measuring 11” x 11” x 4”, this pine box holds a 9” deep dish pie and is something I would gladly have welcomed into my house back in March. See, I make a lot of fresh berry pies which almost always culminate in an over-filled pie plate that jiggles slightly because I added a random ingredient that’s a little too watery (truth). These pies don’t travel well, at all. I’ve accepted it but it’s still my favorite. A Pie Box would mean all of my friends get to revel in these berry pies as often as I do.


The Pie Box is straight up genius. Made in Chicago of beautiful, raw, unblemished pine, they are gorgeous and durable sweet boxes. You should probably get two or more. Your Thanksgiving visits will be eagerly anticipated. Those meringue pies you make will stay firmly in place thanks to a sturdy box that helps the pie maintain it’s shape. GENIUS, I tell ya.

All photos appear courtesy of Maggie and Pie Box. Order a Pie Box on Eat Boutique today.

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