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by Amy Feiereisel on June 14, 2013

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We’re revisiting our lovely series from last summer “What We’re Loving” every Friday this summer. Let’s kick it off by introducing Amy and some delicious Summer-inspired drinks from our favorite bloggers. Amy is an apprentice with Eat Boutique this summer, so show her a little love! -Maggie

Summer still seems relatively new in June. We revel in the heat and the sunshine, giddily pull out sandals and sunglasses, and swim even when the water is still chilly. Flash forward to early July and you’ve got desperate people broiling in the heat and praying to the weather gods. Any stewed or baked or just warm meal is unimaginable. Thankfully, there is a culinary solution that is cool, refreshing, and doesn’t require a lick of heat.The summery drink, whether it be a smoothie, cocktail, tea, or exotic treat, tastes luscious and chilly and makes you sigh in delight. Go ahead; mend any early burned bridges with summer with one or many of these cold drinks.

Whip up a batch of this simple yet sophisticated Cardamom Mint Iced Tea in the morning and enjoy with a light lunch as the sun really starts to climb. {from littledutchwife}


Cold watermelon juice dripping down your chin is a sure sign heat waves have arrived. For a brunch and grown-up friendly version, we can’t imagine a more nostalgic blended drink than this Watermelon Smoothie. {from citronlimette}


Milk makes an unexpected but welcome appearance in the dazzlingly spiced classic Indian beverage Lassi. A cross between a smoothie and milkshake, this creamy glass of sunshine is a delightful departure from the norm. {from pineappleandcoconut}


Classic lemonade gets a serious revamp when mixed with…barbeque? Grilled Lemonade, achieved by grilling, steeping, and honeying lemons, is sure to surprise and refresh. {from meatwave}


When the sun fades but heat still shimmers in the air, you know it’s time to break out the wine. We adore this Classic Sangria recipe for evening sipping. The included history lesson is sure to impress as much as the cocktail! {from The Boys Club}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from Erin, Marie, Shanna, Joshua, and Sam.

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Amy Feiereisel

Blog Coordinator at Eat Boutique
Amy Feiereisel is a young, foolish, and tastebud-driven college student nursing an almost unhealthy obsession with the epicurean. Originally from Texas, she currently resides in gorgeous upstate New York for school, where she discovered her passion for all things food and farming. You can find her digging in the dirt, with her nose buried in a book, or dreamily painting away in her free time. She writes about life’s adventures over at Amy + Fire.


  • Lauren

    Love these, can’t wait to make them once the heat kicks in! Great writing!

  • Holly Chisholm

    The grilled Lemonade sounds delicious! I want to try all of them.

  • Murdock

    Great job, Amy!

  • Erin

    Thanks so much for featuring my recipe! xo

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  • chezus

    Welcome to the EB family, Amy, look forward to getting to know you better. This is a fantastic round-up of summer bevies. I am really liking that lassi.

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