Easiest Tiramisu and Dave’s Coffee Syrup

by Molly Shuster on February 24, 2013

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Growing up, coffee milk was one of my very favorite things. I’ve always been partial to coffee flavored things – milk, ice cream, milkshakes! Coffee has always been my go-to flavor. But growing up, I used the corn syrup-laden sweet stuff from the grocery market. All processed, all artificially flavored and made with about 100% corn syrup. But since Dave’s Coffee has entered the picture, my world has suddenly changed and I am defintely reverting back to this childhood favorite.



Did you know that the state drink of Rhode Island is coffee milk?! It is. A delicious fact. So there is certainly no better place for Dave’s Coffee than the coffee milk loving state of Rhode Island. And in order to make what just might be the world’s best coffee syrup, Dave starts at the beginning, with the best coffee he can get his hands on.

Coffee is getting its time in the sun right now. Not only is coffee more popular than ever, but people are paying attention to really good coffee. Dave’s gorgeous coffee is specially selected from small farms, many organic and family owned, across South America, Central America and Africa. The different beans are all handroasted in small batches in a single coffee roaster in Westerly, RI – artisinal coffee at it’s finest!


A beautiful, historic house, built in 1740, houses Dave’s Espresso Bar in Charlestown, RI. In addition to the homemade muffins, scones and cookies made in house, Dave sells bags of his coffee beans, chocolate covered espresso beans and bottles of his famous coffee syrup.

This coffee syrup is a world away from the aforementioned stuff I drank growing up. Dave has selected a Brazilian coffee bean specifically for his syrup. The coffee is cold brewed in a stainless urn for 18 hours before being transferred to a steam kettle along with pure can sugar. This is left to slowly reduce for two hours. Only through this slow, patient process is he able to acheive such a deep, caramelized flavor. The syrup is a rich, concentrated coffee lover’s dream. It’s strong and rich without being at all bitter and has a nutty, caramelized flavor. The syrup comes in two flavors, straight up coffee or Madagascar Vanilla which has been infused with whole Madagascar vanilla beans.


For those of you who can’t make the trip, happily, you can order the syrup right here on your favorite foodie site, Eat Boutique! For those of you who do feel inclined to make the drive, the Espresso Bar won’t disappoint. Additionally, Dave’s wife Sandra runs an amazing little boutique, Galapagos, out of the back of the house with beautiful designer clothes and accessories; Westerly is the bordering town with lots of charm and antique shops; and the Weekapaug Inn and Ocean House are two beautiful hotels of note that are worth seeking out in the area. And definitely stop in at 10 Sandwiches in Westerly for lunch – be sure to look out for sandwhiches made with Dave’s Coffee such as the #3: Roast beef, sharp cheddar and crispy shallots served with a cocoa chipotle sauce (made with Dave’s Coffee Syrup) that’s served on a delicious weck roll with caraway seeds and salt… an absolute must.

Once you get a taste, I know you’ll be looking for ways to use Dave’s Coffee Syrup beyond coffee milk! Try some of these easy recipes to make the most of your new favorite product. For additional recipes, check out Dave’s website. You can purchase Dave’s Coffee Syrup on Eat Boutique!


White Rhody
Serves 1


  • 1 oz Dave’s Coffee Syrup
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 2/3 cup whole milk
  • Ice, to serve


  1. Mix Dave’s Coffee Syrup along with the vodka in a serving glass.  
  2. Add a handful of ice cubes.
  3. Pour in the milk and stir until thoroughly mixed.


Dave’s Coffee Milkshake

Serves 1


  • 3 large scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tablespoons Dave’s Coffee Syrup (or a touch more)
  • 1/2 cup whole milk


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately!


Easiest Tiramisu
Serves 8


  • 2 (3.5oz) boxes crisp savoiardi lady fingers (you may have a few extra to snack on)
  • 1/2 cup Dave’s Coffee Syrup
  • 1 cup strong brewed coffee, cooled
  • 8 oz mascarpone
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • cocoa powder, for dusting


  1. In a shallow 1.5 qt. pan (mine was roughly 10x7x2) make a tight, neat layer of lady fingers, breaking them if need be to fit in the pan.
  2. Stir together Dave’s Coffee Syrup with the brewed coffee. Pour half of the mixture evenly over the lady fingers.
  3. In a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, whisk the mascarpone and heavy cream until you have soft peaks.
  4. Dollop half of the cream mixture over the soaked lady fingers and spread to make an even layer of cream.
  5. Place a second tight layer of lady fingers on the cream. Evenly pour the remaining coffee mixture over the lady fingers.
  6. Spread the remaning cream over the lady fingers and swirl to create a decorative top.
  7. Sprinkly generously with cocoa powder.
  8. Chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.

Photos styled and taken by Molly Shuster and Kristin Teig/Kristin Teig Photography

You can purchase Dave’s Coffee Syrup on Eat Boutique!

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  • alecrim

    humm, delicioso!

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      Si, no?! Me gusta mucho – gracias! xox

  • http://blueberrykitchen.wordpress.com/ Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen

    I love tiramisu, yours looks so good!

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      Thanks, Rosie – I wish I could take credit – but Molly and Kristin did it all and such an amazing job! xox

  • sf2013

    Is this coffee syrup high in caffeine?

    • sf2013

      Also, it looks like all his syrups contain loads sugar. Is this essential for coffee syrup? Thanks!

      • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

        Hello!! Yes, this coffee syrup has as much caffeine as a standard cup of coffee. It also has sugar. Coffee syrup is traditionally sweet – you cut the sweetness by mixing it with milk. I hope this helps. Have a good night! xox, Maggie

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