What We’re Loving: Apples

by Ariela Rose on October 26, 2012

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Apples. As sure a sign of fall as the mosaic of colors that dot the New England landscape. Crunchy, tart, sweet. Apples come in every creed and color versatile enough to suit any fall-taster’s palette. Yes, we too love the adventure of apple picking, navigating the narrow rows of our favorite orchards, balancing on the shoulders of loved ones to reach that perfect, gleaming, delicious gift from the trees. But, what we love even more, is creating apple-filled recipes like these sweet selections from a few of our favorite bloggers…

There’s something about a tart that just makes you feel fancy — the elegant folds in the pastry, the careful layering of fruit, a dusting of sugar…with this Easy Apple Tart recipe, you can play fancy without putting in the work. {from elephantine}

Vegan and gluten-free, these Apple & Oat Biscuits are friendly for all. Combine them with the simple apple syrup, and you have a treat more than worthy of the poetic storytelling behind their creation. {from Green Kitchen Stories}

No need to wait on your oven for this one. Just plan to soak your almonds and cashews the night before, pull our your food processor, and whip up this Raw Apple Cobbler in mere minutes. Don’t be shy with the cinnamon, or the cashew vanilla cream sauce. {from Vegan Parade}

Isn’t it lovely that pancakes adapt so seamlessly with the changing season? Making these Whole Wheat Walnut Pancakes with Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon Compote is like dressing your stack of flap jack’s in a deliciously cozy fall sweater. {from Good Things Grow}

My name is Ariela, and I am a nut butter addict. This Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter recipe is so simple, so delicious, so obviously perfect that I may have to slather it on everything…namely all the inventive apple recipes listed above. {from Oh She Glows}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from Rachel, David and Luise, Jacqui, and Angela.  

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  • http://twitter.com/TheAlterLife Alexandra

    I love apples too, think I might try that raw apple cobbler, looks delish!

  • Michelle K. Martin

    The apple tart is so lovely and simple!

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