An Illustrated Guide to Watermelon

by Lucy Engelman on August 12, 2012

in All Recipes, Drinks, Fruit

Lucy Engelman

Lucy Engelman is a freelance illustrator dwelling in Northfield, IL where she plans her next adventure. In addition to working with Eat Boutique, she has had the opportunity to spend every day bringing the imaginations of companies, publications, and individuals to life through editorial, literary, and commissioned illustration and design. For more of her work & contact information, please visit

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  • heidi | white loft studio

    I *love* these illustrated posts! 

  • Maggie

    I love these posts too — it’s just a different beautiful way to take in everyday produce. Thanks Lucy !!

  • Denise

    I adore these illustrations.  Simply adore!!!

  • Lucy Engelman

    time to squeeze the happy juices of these days of summer for all they’re worth! This drink is the berfect finish to the day…reminds me of my painted wicker porch furniture and glowing summer nights of nonsense songs and crickets

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