An Illustrated Guide to Radishes

by Lucy Engelman on June 18, 2012

in All Recipes, Vegetables

This pretty how-to on radishes from Lucy Engelman, a new contributor to Eat Boutique, has me thinking so many things like, I desperately need to take a drawing class. I should spend more time in the garden. Recipes topped with a fried egg make me lick my lips. Lucy’s creative drawings, grocery list and recipe leave no excuses why you can’t grow your own radishes and eat them too. Say hello to Lucy, friends!  -Maggie

All illustrations by Lucy Engelman.

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Lucy Engelman

Lucy Engelman is a freelance illustrator dwelling in Northfield, IL where she plans her next adventure. In addition to working with Eat Boutique, she has had the opportunity to spend every day bringing the imaginations of companies, publications, and individuals to life through editorial, literary, and commissioned illustration and design. For more of her work & contact information, please visit

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  • Kristin

    how delightful! This makes me want to try radishes again as I’ve never cared for them but this recipe sounds like it is worth a shot.

  • Eileen

    Oh, those illustrations are just beautiful! Love it–and love radishes too, of course.  :)

  • Kate

    This is gorgeous!

  • Josephine Rozman

    This is brilliant! Beautiful illustrations!

  • argone

    Love these illustrations ! Great work !

  • Cindy Ball

    Stunning illustrations and I love the accompanying text.  Yes, it makes me want to take an illustration course and eat radishes. Well done.

  • Shelby @ Lady Gouda

    Stunning. I adore this. 

  • Lucy Engelman

    Thanks so much for the kind words Maggie and EB readers! I had so much fun making this I hope it inspires lots of colorful edible gardening this summer growing season– it definitely did for me! :)

  • Shut Up & Cook

    My radishes this year have been out of control…so good though, particularly when sauteed with the greens, and tossed with some fresh pasta, garlic, red pepper, chives, and goat cheese. YUM!

  • Nancy Boyle

    Wonderful illustration style. Great fun!

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