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by Maggie Battista on January 26, 2012

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Relationships are difficult. And they get only more complicated around the month of February, mais oui?

My February holds two trips: a week in New York City and the start of a three-week trip to Paris. I also have a big birthday that, due to travel plans, will be spent away from my husband. Yes… I never get any sympathy for anything said after the word “Paris.”

While I don’t blame you, I can offer that this Paris trip will be different: I’ll be returning with souvenirs and I’ll tell you more about them soon… but let’s enjoy a Paris interlude, courtesy of choice photos from a Paris-New York friend?

So as if my schedule can take yet another blow, there’s the sometimes adored, sometimes depressing, always feared Valentine’s Day. After years working at a dating website and then in the floral design world, I would expect the magic of February 14th to be lost on me. But as long as I approach the “holiday” as a non-holiday, just another day of the year to say “I love you,” it’s all good. It’s even better when there’s food. And when the food is handmade by small business, well, then maybe we can really think of it as magical.

Be My (Big) Valentine Gift Box

Be My (Sweet) Valentine Gift Box

Be My (Hip) Valentine Gift Box

Last year, we sold out of our Valentine’s Day gift boxes of handmade food. A little publication announced them to the world and they were snatched up in what felt like seconds. This year, I wanted to launch them a few weeks early, to give you time to pre-order a gift box (or ten) for all your lovers or loved ones.

We tried to thoughtfully craft two different boxes full of flavors I know I want to enjoy right now: warm caramels, all sorts of bright citrus flavors, a bit of nuttiness and a touch of spice. There’s a little chocolate too – because just a little is perfect – especially in the form of chocolate pate de fruit. And when you put the items from both gift boxes together into a crafty larger one, well, that’s a big box of love that a couple can enjoy for days and weeks.

These three boxes are packed with love, with a hand-written card, and available until they sell out. All orders will be shipped in time to arrive to their destination by Valentine’s Day. Essentially, you place your order and then leave the rest to us!

Thank you, in advance, for your order. I promise we’ll take good care of it! I also promise to share more about those Paris souvenirs soon… until then, a couple more pretty Paris shots…

All gift box photos taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Style and the Paris photos were taken by karigee.

Eat Boutique is an online magazine + market for food enthusiasts to celebrate the best pure, local and comforting handmade foods. We call it: food that hugs you back. Looking for the perfect gift? Eat Boutique sells gift boxes filled with handmade sweet and savory treats. Send a gift box of handmade food today.

Maggie Battista

Founder at Eat Boutique
Maggie, is the founder of Eat Boutique. She started Eat Boutique as a blog in 2007, and sold out of her first gift box of small batch independent food in 2009. Maggie continues to offer unique and delicious handmade food in tasting subscriptions and seasonal gift boxes for food fans and home cooks. Maggie also hosts Eat Boutique Markets, where she spotlights cookbook authors and food makers. She’s written for Style Me Pretty, Food52, Time Out New York, Spencer Magazine, and writes a cocktail column for the popular wedding blog, Snippet & Ink. Maggie's also created retail experiences for the largest floral and event design company in New England. She regularly travels far distances to find the next great chef, farmer, food maker or host. You can follow her worldwide – and homemade – gastronomic adventures on Twitter at @mizmaggieb or @eatboutique. Maggie's first-ever cookbook Food Gift Love will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October 2015. You may pre-order now.

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I’m loving that salt water taffy! Yum!

    • Maggie

      Hi Katrina – omgoodness, yes. That taffy is delicious, pulled by hand. I love the Bergamot flavor, just wonderful citrus notes. Thanks for reading and commenting! xox, Maggie

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Would love to meet up!

    • Maggie

      Moi aussi, Lindsey, let’s plan on a drink or more at some point. I’ll email you some dates… xox.

  • Shelby @ Lady Gouda

    These Paris photographs are just gorgeous. And I want to eat all the food described here. Will definitely have to send a Valentine’s Day Box (or 2, or 3) this year! 

  • Rosalind Marquez

    what a lovely treat to receive this in the mail! spicy bacon caramel corn……..

    • Maggie

      Thank you, Rosalind! You should definitely drop a hint with someone because these items are lovely. :)

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