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by Maggie Battista on December 1, 2011

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It’s December 1st and, certainly, it’s busy. We’re in the final planning moments of our second local market, a Holiday Local Market taking place next week. I’m sourcing ribbon to wrap your market food gifts, creating hang tags for those gifts, speaking to food makers about final details and even signing on some wonderful last minute participants, including (get this!) Island Creek Oysters and one of the best little cheesecake businesses in the area. It’s going to be such a fun time.

But despite the madness, the best thing about the holidays is this: You have no choice but to slow down every few days and say, “Oh my goodness! It’s the holidays! And they only come once a year! And I bet savor this now!”

And that’s what I’m doing now.

Cocktail in hand, I’m sharing some photographs that I’ve been eager to share since they were shot almost one month ago. My photographer friend in food, Heidi Murphy of White Loft Style, met up with me to photograph gift boxes and I guess you can say, we got into the holiday spirit. We pulled all the marinating cordials and flavored sugars and dried citrus off my shelves and just started taking photos.

We broke open a bottle of Prosecco and started mixing and I quickly remembered, “Gosh, this is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Give me some infused alcohol and some sparkling wine, and I’ll make you a cocktail that forces you to slow down.”

So I’m taking a moment to chill and share some photos. Just a moment or two because I have several recipes to write before this weekend, when Heidi and I will get together again to photograph some of our favorite sparkling cocktails. We want to share those photos with you in time for New Year’s…

Until then, take a look at my Coffee Grappa – it’s deadly – and that Bacon Bourbon makes the best Old Fashioned.

I also have a holiday concoction, called Xmas Strong, that’s packed with spices and nuts and herbs and while it’s been around for a couple years, there’s always one person who connects with it each season.

The Apple Cordial is very special to me; I started it before my three-month trip to Paris last year and it keeps getting better and better.

Just wait until you see the Seckle Pear Cordial that’s hiding in the wings. I thought it wasn’t sweet enough and then Heidi sipped it and well… she straightened me out and helped me remember. Now, it reminds me of Normandy…

Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail? I’d love to try it out… I have so many cocktails already schemed up for our little photo shoot, but while I have everything sprawled about the counter, maybe I should try yours too? Merci!

All photos styled by Maggie Battista and Heidi Murphy and photographed by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Style.

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Did you know we’re hosting our Holiday Local Market on December 10, 2011 in Boston? Meet, taste and shop for holiday gifts!

Maggie Battista

Founder at Eat Boutique
Maggie, is the founder of Eat Boutique. She started Eat Boutique as a blog in 2007, and sold out of her first gift box of small batch independent food in 2009. Maggie continues to offer unique and delicious handmade food in tasting subscriptions and seasonal gift boxes for food fans and home cooks. Maggie also hosts Eat Boutique Markets, where she spotlights cookbook authors and food makers. She’s written for Style Me Pretty, Food52, Time Out New York, Spencer Magazine, and writes a cocktail column for the popular wedding blog, Snippet & Ink. Maggie's also created retail experiences for the largest floral and event design company in New England. She regularly travels far distances to find the next great chef, farmer, food maker or host. You can follow her worldwide – and homemade – gastronomic adventures on Twitter at @mizmaggieb or @eatboutique. Maggie's first-ever cookbook Food Gift Love will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October 2015. You may pre-order now.

  • A Plum By Any Other Name

    I have no doubt that bacon bourbon makes the best old fashion this world has ever seen …

    • Maggie

      So good… Do you eat bacon? Maybe I can sneak a tiny bottle to you at Holiday Local Market… It will feel so illicit, sharing infused booze… Will you be there?

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  • Shelby @ Lady Gouda

    I want to try some of the apple cordials! Love a sparkling cocktail. These photos are just beautiful– and I love the idea of adding dried citrus as a pretty garnish.

  • Ruby

    For goodness sake, please do share the X-mas Strong recipe.

    • Maggie

      haha, I need to get around to sharing that, Ruby! xox

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