Homemade Baileys

by Maggie Battista on December 11, 2009

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I realize homemade Baileys may be too rich or silly for some of you, but my friends live for a small nip at the holiday season. As guests left my home last year, I sent them packing with hugs and little glass bottles filled with well-chilled homemade Baileys, tied with brown ribbon. (This year, they’re getting my holiday gift box!) When they finally do get out of the cold and into their warm homes, an ice cold glass of this good stuff always warms them up quickly. (I was thinking of holding out on sharing this photo/recipe ’til closer to Christmas, but I’ve gotten too many emails requesting the recipe and it’s going to be cold this weekend; you should make it soon!)

Homemade Baileys


  • 4 fresh eggs
  • 1/2 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp. chocolate syrup
  • 2 tsp. instant coffee granules
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 1/4 cup good whiskey
  • 1 cup whipping cream

Blend all ingredients in a blender or in a stand mixer with a whisk attachment (as I did, my blender is on the fritz). Store in the back of your refrigerator, where it’s the coldest. Shake before serving, and serve over a cube of ice. This recipe makes a quart that keeps for 4-6 weeks.

Ingredient notes: I always use farm fresh eggs when I’m making something that isn’t cooked in some way. I used homemade vanilla extract and a delicious organic chocolate syrup from Trader Joe’s. I keep instant coffee in my freezer when I need an instant kick to chocolate goodies, or this recipe; my chosen brand is organic and decaf. Choosing whiskey is a very personal decision, but I use the good stuff. This batch of Baileys had Basil Haden’s Bourbon Whiskey in it, but I heartily recommend using a good Irish Whiskey like Bushmills. Mmm.


Maggie Battista

Founder at Eat Boutique
Maggie, is the founder of Eat Boutique. She started Eat Boutique as a blog in 2007, and sold out of her first gift box of small batch independent food in 2009. Maggie continues to offer unique and delicious handmade food in tasting subscriptions and seasonal gift boxes for food fans and home cooks. Maggie also hosts Eat Boutique Markets, where she spotlights cookbook authors and food makers. She’s written for Style Me Pretty, Food52, Time Out New York, Spencer Magazine, and writes a cocktail column for the popular wedding blog, Snippet & Ink. Maggie's also created retail experiences for the largest floral and event design company in New England. She regularly travels far distances to find the next great chef, farmer, food maker or host. You can follow her worldwide – and homemade – gastronomic adventures on Twitter at @mizmaggieb or @eatboutique. Maggie's first-ever cookbook Food Gift Love will be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October 2015. You may pre-order now.

  • http://thestorers.org Jim Storer

    ok – you rock! adding this to the weekend To Do list… perhaps even tonight! Yum, yum yum.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/mizmaggieb mizmaggieb

    It's so good. My first batch is already gone… Making batch #2 and #3 this weekend for gifts. Enjoy it this weekend, it's gonna be brrr cold…

  • Jessica

    I want this! Going to make the B, B &B cocketail this weekend for friends….

  • http://thestorers.org Jim Storer

    I made a batch just now in about 5 minutes. Used Hershey's chocolate syrup (blasphemy!), Stabucks Via for the instant coffee (ZING!) and Redbreast Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey (it's a little harsh by itself) and the result is…. delicious! Will need to let the "judge" of the house give it a try, but I think it'll be a hit. I might skip the eggnog this year. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://thestorers.org Jim Storer

    I made a batch just now in about 5 minutes. Used Hershey's chocolate syrup (blasphemy!), Stabucks Via for the instant coffee (ZING!) and Redbreast Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey (it's a little harsh by itself) and the result is…. delicious! Will need to let the "judge" of the house give it a try, but I think it'll be a hit. I might skip the eggnog this year. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/heidileon heidileon

    ok. I'm intrigued; I need to give it a try!

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  • Cris

    I've been making this for over 30 years and call it Crissie's Creme….NOT a term to market. Friends always got a bottle and a recipe card. Nice to see it's back in fashion!

  • Joshua Ledwell

    Fantastic! Keep the fancy drink recipes coming.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/mizmaggieb mizmaggieb

    Cris – Point taken! I hope it never goes out of style.

    Josh – Did you make it yet? It's delicious. And dangerous. :)

  • http://leannewaldal.com/ leanne

    thanks for this great recipe! i had extra cream in the fridge and no idea what to do with it (i know, the problems we suffer) and saw this recipe and made a double batch to bottle up and gift. my lucky friends :)

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  • Joshua Ledwell

    This was a big hit last year, so I'm making more for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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  • Patty Prosise

    If one was concerned about the raw eggs, it would be easy to temper the eggs with the cream, cool, and mix on.  Definitely going to save this one, thanks!

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      That’s a really good point, Patty. I use eggs from my farm but if you buy them in a store and you’re not sure about them, great idea! Thanks for commenting!

  • Niki

    I have seen recipes that call for eggs and others that don’t. What is the point of adding the raw eggs to the baileys? 

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      Raw eggs add a custard-like thickness to eggnog and Irish cream. You do not have to use raw eggs, you are welcome to cook them. Keep in mind that alcohol, whiskey in particular, kills a lot of bacteria so I’ve heard that it will kill bacteria in almost anything. :)

  • Kathy

    and what does temper mean.  I would also like to safeproof the egg element.

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      Kathy, here’s a good slideshow on how to temper eggs:

      • Kathy

        Thanks for the quick response.  I couldn’t find the slideshow on that site, but it encouraged me to ‘google’ how to temper an egg.  If I am reading correctly, I can heat the whipping cream and then add the eggs that way – slowly, then cool it all and continue with the recipe?
        I appreciate your help.  I have all the ingredients (a friend brought over her farm eggs) and am eager to give the recipe a try! 
        Thank you,

        • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

          Yes you can. Please let us know how it turns out so I can update the recipe. :)

          • Kathy

            I heated the whipping cream until it was hot but not boiling on the edges just yet.I removed it from the stove.  I hand mixed the eggs together in a bowl – not whipping them, just mixing them up.  Then I slowly added the hot heavy cream about a tablespoon at a time to the eggs until I had added about 1/2 cup.  Finally I added the egg mixuture back to the cream and continued the recipe.
            The result was just as good as the original (without tempering the eggs).  I was worried the taste would change from heating the cream, but it was fine! 

          • grannyjean

            also a good thing to let eggs come to room temp before you start

  • http://twitter.com/yelhsawalker Ashley Walker

    My family and I make this exact recipe every year. However, for some reason there seems to be a “film” at the top of the liquid when we are done blending it. I realize you should shake it really well before serving, but I don’t want friends who receive this drink to think that it is curdled or something. Have you ever had this happen? And if so, what do you recommend to fix it?

    • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

      That’s so strange. I never get a film – that I can recall. I’ll make it this weekend and see what happens. xox

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