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by Maggie Battista on September 23, 2009

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I am in love with Fall. It’s my very favorite season. Alas, in New England, Fall sort of whizzes by and Winter presents itself way too soon. I treasure every moderately cool moment. I also treasure finding new sites that inspire me to want to cook, nest, drink and discover new ways to celebrate the season. I’ve been blessed with finding so many new friends via Twitter this year and I wanted to celebrate some of their very fun sites, as well as give a nod to some of my oldies but goodies. I look forward to a beautiful Fall with you all!

Clare Barboza: I met Clare Barboza via Twitter last week and have so enjoyed clicking through both her blog and food photography site. She takes great photos and tells great stories.

Gourmet Worrier: I have too many great things to say about Nanette. She’s a wonderful photographer, a great story teller and puts so much of herself into her pieces. Oh, and I just love her savory baklava.

Eating out Loud: Allen producers some great material, and tempted me tonight with these fun Pumpkin Nut Bars. I’ll be using up some canned pumpkin this weekend.

Cookbook Catchall: These are some seriously lovely photographs!

Life’s Ambrosia: If you want to think light and fresh this Fall, check out Deseree’s site. She’s a newlywed; her husband helps to take the site’s photos. The recipes are totally refreshing.

Last Night’s Dinner: Jennifer makes some good-looking food, including this pretty Potato Leek Soup with Cheddar and Dill. She also cares about local and seasonal just as much as I do. She’s got a great series of comfort food recipes all shiny and new on her site.

The Kitchenist: I discovered The Kitchenist this Summer, along with Ele’s cookbook review blog and kitchen design blog. They’re fun and very well done. And I don’t know about you, but I must try these Spicy Corn Fritters soon.

My Polaroid Blog: Polaroid may have gone out of business, but you wouldn’t know it to look at Jen’s blog. She styles with ease and her photos make me feel… hugged. She also has the most fun web site ever.

Andrea Wyner: I love Andrea’s photos. Whether travel photos or food photos, her images should be paintings because I want to swim in them and thread my fingers through all the colors. Oh, and if she needs someone to carry her bags on any of her trips, she knows who to call…

Simply Breakfast: There is an art to breakfast and Jennifer is an artist. However simple or everyday the dish, she elevates it to gorgeousness. Her photography site is inspiring too.

Pink of Perfection: Sarah’s site promises to be “a thrifty girl’s guide to the good life” and truly is! She kicked off Fall with a great list of 30 activities for the season. Will you do them all?

Ice Milk Aprons: Fall is about cooking and I want to wrap myself up in one of Ashley’s vintage-inspired aprons and cook up a storm this season. I love to read about her heirloom pursuits on her blog titled “preserves”.

Cowgirl Chef: I love the Cowgirl Chef and am hoping next time I’m in Paris, I get a guided tour! I met her through Twitter and let’s just say, she had me at… Nutella Bunuelos.

Georgia Pellegrini: Georgia is always on the hunt for local food (like me!) and her easy sage-filled beans make me think it’s time to go back to making my weekly Sunday potfuls.

Drinks Are On Me: Dale knows wine and knows exactly what to recommend whenever I’m stumped on a pairing. He’s also so handy when I need a pal to virtually toast over our yummy dishes. See you at Wine Riot, Dale!

Maggie Battista

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  • http://amandascookin.com/ Amanda

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing all of those!

  • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

    You're so welcome. I used to find myself shuffling through magazines at this time of year, now it's websites!

  • http://www.kitchenist.com/ Ele

    Thanks so much for featuring my blogs, Maggie! I can't wait to look around your site now! Oh, and Fall is my absolute favourite season as well :)

  • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

    Don't mention it, ele. Your sites are so fun and though we've never met, feel a kindred-ship in our writing. It's all very personal and that's what makes it fun and inspiring!

  • http://www.lifesambrosia.com/ Deseree

    Thank you for mentioning my blog! That was very sweet of you. I just love Fall too! September through December is actually my favorite time of year. I love the food, family and holidays. Not to mention the beautiful changing leaves, the crackling of a fire in the fire place and the overwhelming need to curl up in a blanket and read a good book. I am so excited that Fall is finally here!
    Seattle it is beautiful at this time of year but I bet New England is beautiful this time of year too.
    By the way, how was your trip to Seattle?

  • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

    Deseree: Love your site and loved Seattle. Dreaming of that good coffee, moderate weather (it rained only 2 of 5 days) and the great local red wine.

  • http://www.wearenotmartha.com wearenotmartha

    Oooh yay! I've been looking for some new fun stuff to read :) Thanks!!

  • http://www.eatboutique.com Maggie

    Any time @wearenotmartha !

  • clarebarboza

    Wow, I just saw this….thank you SO much for mentioning me! It has been a pleasure meeting you through Twitter. I look forward to the day when we can meet in person! :)

  • mickyjocky

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  • http://www.georgiapellegrini.com Georgia Pellegrini

    Thanks for the shout-out Maggie! I love your blog. ~ Georgia

  • http://www.angelatunner.com Angela Tunner

    Oh, so many lovely food people to check out!! Thanks for sharing this list. Grabbing a cup of tea, a snack and diving into some delicious reading!!

  • Kendra

    This was a great post! Thanks for sharing!

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