Blogger Recipe: Chocolate M-o-o-usse with Olive Oil

by Maggie Battista on December 20, 2007

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I hate chocolate mousse. I hate chocolate ice cream too, and chocolate fudge and chocolate pudding. I hate any sort of overindulgence in that flavor. Please, don’t flame me. For me, chocolate is just too strong and needs to be enjoyed in small quantities or with other flavors (like orange).

So when I stumbled upon a recipe for Chocolate M-o-o-usse with Olive Oil over at Delicious Days, I was about to move on… but then thought, “Hmm… if it tastes more like olive oil with a little chocolate, then perhaps I’d like it…” Since it was just a few ingredients and even fewer steps, I gave it a shot.

Oh my gawd. OH MY GAWD. My husband will be lucky to get a small serving when he makes it home tonight. I’ve been licking every bowl, spoon and surface used during the making of this luscious dessert. I am in love. It actually tastes like olive oil, with a rich chocolate flavor added in. I did happen to muss up the measurements slightly. I always get thrown when converting grams to ounces. But it was yummy just the same.

We’re in the midst of more snow right now up in Boston, and I plan to stay home most of the day. I have 4 pretty white cups of the m-o-o-usse in my fridge. Hubbie, I wish you the best in getting home, and getting a taste. Good luck to you, sir. Good luck.

Maggie Battista

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  • Hillary

    Oh my goodness!! That looks soooo delicious. Olive oil ehh? I’m so intrigued.

  • Maggie

    I was surprised with how easy it was… and how yummy! Once you make the conversions, it’s a typical mousse recipe. I used fair trade 72% dark chocolate, organic sugar and olive oil, and cream and eggs from my local hens at Green Meadow Farms

  • Jen B

    Umm, you better save some for me. I’m the one in this family who actually loves everything chocolate!

  • abel

    A tradicional poor desert in catalonia (barcelona, spain) is chocolate with oil and sal over bread.

  • therese

    I tried it and it was all hard!!! what did I do wrong?! It was nice until I put in the fridge for a few hours! :(

  • Maggie

    Hard?! Oh no. It does firm up a bit in the fridge but it shouldn’t be “hard”. The consistency should be like a very thick whipped cream crossed with a light gelato. Did you get the measurements right? I screwed it up the first time, but it was always thick after being in the fridge for a few hours. I suppose you could serve it right away if you wanted to maintain the softness…

  • Embracing Health For Life

    How amazing what you can do with Olove oil. Thank you so mcuh for this beleicious post

  • Olive Oil Lexington

    Oh my this looks awesome, I'm going to make some tonight thanks!

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