Every loved kitchen has them – cooking artifacts. The dishes and tools that have a story behind them, and have been used like a much-hugged teddy bear. If one of your kitchen artifacts is a slightly dimmed piece of wooden ware, fear not! Not only can it be cleaned up, but made just like new,

A European Whirlwind

by Maggie Battista
Europe Whirlwind

I made a promise to myself when I embarked on writing a cookbook. The promise was simple: I promise to do whatever I need to make sure I appreciate and even enjoy this cookbook writing process.  And no matter how busy I get, I am making sure to do just that. In March, I had the

Rustic Fennel Apricot Bread

by Mary Swenson
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Old Italian uncles, a much-loved and much-tested bread, and some killer apricots? Count me in! – Amy I have this really, really cute great-uncle. His name is Evo, and he’s 100% Italian – which, waaaay back when, apparently wasn’t a “favorable” trait when it came to courting my aunt. But since he’s really, really cute,

Roasted Beet and Horseradish Crème

by Angela Brown
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Today we are so thrilled to introduce our newest Eat Boutique contributor. In our circle, she’s considered the reigning Condiment Queen. Angela starts off with a big, colorful bang in this glorious Roasted Beet and Horseradish Crème. If that isn’t pure love, I don’t know what is. -Amy After a long, grey winter, I positively

Six Ridiculously Delicious Rhubarb Recipes

by Kate H. Knapp
Strawberry + rhubarb jam

Want to know a (not-so-secret) secret? Maggie is crazy—as in over the moon—about rhubarb. How do I know? Let’s just say that the last few weeks of recipe testing for her upcoming cookbook, Food Gift Love, have included a delightful amount of rhubarb-centric recipes. Not that I’m complaining. I have been hopelessly devoted to the

Food Gift Love Cookbook Update

by Maggie Battista
Food Gift Love Cookbook Update

I’m having a day, a week… oh, it’s really more like, a month. I was in California. Then, I was in France. And then, I was in Germany. I hosted two pop up shops, one at Anthropologie and one at Fringe Union. And next week, I fly west again, for 36 short hours, to host

Savory Veggie Porridge

by Casey Engleman
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Seriously, I am melting. This savory porridge is like a big, fluffy blanket. It’s also vegetarian, but nice and satisfying, with Casey’s ingenious use of nut butter, honey, and soy sauce. Dive in! – Amy I’ve always been a fan of a runny yolk. Odds are, if there is an item on a menu that

Eat Boutique Celebrates Record Store Day

by Jennifer Menery
Eat Boutique Celebrates Record Store Day

In case you missed this or this, we are so excited to invite you to another spring event! Combine your love of food and music at this year’s Record Store Day at Thread & Groove, an event to be held on April 19, 2014 at Mill Number 5, 250 Jackson Street, Lowell, Massachusetts. We will be there from

Fresh Spring Asparagus Recipes

by Lauren Keiper
Three Fresh Asparagus Recipes

Sometimes, you simply have to respect your ingredient; especially when that ingredient is asparagus. Lauren delivers some season’s eatings with these fresh recipes where asparagus is the definitive star! -Amy For me, the surest sign spring is here and farmer’s markets are about to re-open:  the daffodil.  Sprouting from the ground in all its glory,

Handmade Easter Chicks

by Maggie Battista
Handmade Easter Peeps

Oh my goodness, Easter is basically here. It’s crept up on all of us so quickly and now, guess what? The year is almost a third over… Wow. This year, Easter is going to be a little extra special in Maggie-land as my family is coming in for a quick visit. That means, I have

Simple & Crisp Fruit Crisps on Sale

by Kate H. Knapp
Simple & Crisp Fruit Crisps on Sale

Maybe it’s because the sun is shining, the flowers are starting to bloom, or we adore all of you so very much, but whatever the reason, we’re offering a discount on our Simple and Crisp Pear Fruit Crisps. Normally, these organic, gluten-free treats cost $9, but they are now on sale (for a limited-time only)

Seven Buzz-Worthy Ways to Enjoy Espresso

by Kate H. Knapp

My love for coffee began when my grandmother and I would “have coffee,” meaning she would add just a teeny splash to my milk and serve it to me in a mug way too big for my face. In those moments of sipping my coffee, I felt like I had been granted access to a

Cornbread Dumplings on Beef Bean Chili

by Tara Bellucci
Thumbnail image for Cornbread Dumplings on Beef Bean Chili

As a southern girl currently abroad, Tara’s recipe makes me a little homesick, and a LOT hungry. Hearty chili and cornbread are a classic pairing – but cooked like this you’ve got ease, gorgeous presentation, and a truly complete one pot meal! -Amy  Chili is delicious any season, but I particularly love it in the

Apple Cider Steamed Mussels

by Sean St. John
Apple Cider Steamed Mussels

When I think of the northeast, I think of apples. Of nippy fall days, and a plethora of laden apple trees. Naturally, apple cider follows, and naturally, some scrumptious eats can be made with such riches. But seafood? The answer is yes. Sean shows us why! – Amy Stare at a mussel shell for long

Eat Boutique Spring Pop Up Today!

by Maggie Battista
Eat Boutique Spring Pop Up Photos

Just a few photos to show off the fun we had at the Eat Boutique Spring Pop Up Shop at Fringe Union yesterday. We’ll be there again today from 12-5pm – come by to see: My friend Marisa McClellan will be there to demo and sign her brand new cookbook “Preserving by the Pint: Quick Seasonal Canning

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